3 Things to Know About Juul Litigation and Your Rights Under Florida Law


Once promoted as being a healthier alternative to smoking, e-cigarette device Juul is now under intense scrutiny by government agencies and the subject of multiple personal injury lawsuits. According to a recent article published by the Washington Post article, almost 1,100 cases of vape-related lung diseases have been reported to officials and 18 people have died due to mysterious vaping illnesses. Plaintiffs are alleging various theories of liability, including claims that the product is unreasonably dangerous and was improperly marketed to younger individuals.

If you’ve contracted a medical condition that you believe is linked to use of Juul or other vaping devices, it’s important to discuss your legal options with a Florida dangerous products attorney right away. In the meantime, you may benefit from reviewing three key facts you need to know about your rights.

  1. Juul is very different from other forms of consuming nicotine. The first distinction involves the amount of nicotine a user ingests, which far exceeds other devices. Juul packs around 59 milligrams of nicotine, while traditional cigarettes deliver around 12 milligrams and other vapes provide 6-30 milligrams. Plus, Juul incorporates features that are quite attractive, especially to younger users. The device is small and emulates a USB flash drive. The cartridges of nicotine also come in a variety of flavors, including fruits, desserts, and other sweets.
  1. The sources behind Juul-related illnesses are not clear. With many dangerous products, the hazards are well-known and definable. In the case of Juul, experts have not been able to identify what causes the lung-based medical conditions leading to injuries and fatalities. Researchers are divided over whether ailments are linked to the device itself or the substances contained within the Juul cartridges. It’s possible that these illnesses are caused by a chemical termed Diacetyl, which provides the flavoring for the juice in the pods. Experts note that diacetyl can become poisonous when heated, which is part of the vaping process.
  2. There are two classes of litigation involving Juul and other vaping lawsuits. Depending on your circumstances, you may have a claim based upon one of the two categories of lawsuits currently pending against Juul. They include:
  • Wrongful Addiction: In these cases, claimants accuse Juul of making misleading or inappropriate statements in their marketing.
  • Vaping Injuries: With these claims, a victim seeks compensation because he or she suffered actual harm through a Juul-related medical condition. The claimant may be an injured victim, but there are also claims based upon wrongful death. Surviving family members can seek compensation for their losses if a loved one died because of an ailment tied to use of Juul or other vaping devices.

Consult with a Knowledgeable Ocala, FL Dangerous Products Lawyer

From the above, you can see that there are several factors that impact whether you have a valid claim against Juul or other manufacturers of vaping devices. To learn more about your rights and remedies, please contact the Ocala product liability lawyers at Piccin & Glynn. You can schedule a no-cost consultation with one of our lawyers by calling (866) 225-6459 or visiting us online.






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