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Ocala Bus Accident Lawyer

Central Florida has a number of attractions for tourists. Interstate 75, which goes almost right through the center of Ocala, is one of the best ways for tour buses to reach these destinations. Chances are, if you are out early in the morning or late at night, you’ve run across at least one of these massive vehicles. The vehicle size, along with the hours of operation, are just two reasons why these buses often cause serious injury accidents.

The compassionate Ocala bus accident lawyers at Piccin & Glynn understand your pain and suffering. So, we are dedicated to accident victims, whether it be a car crash, medical malpractice, or any other form of negligence. All these victims deserve justice and compensation, and we work hard to ensure both.

Duty in Ocala Tour Bus Crashes

Most drivers have a duty of reasonable care. Basically, they must obey the rules of the road and drive defensively. But tour bus drivers, taxi drivers, Uber drivers, and other commercial operators are common carriers in Florida. So, they have a duty of highest care. That’s a big step above reasonable care.

In fact, commercial carriers are basically insurers of safe conduct for the passengers on board their vehicles. So, they must be extra careful drivers, especially when the sky is dark, the road is wet, or conditions are otherwise less than perfect.

This duty also applies to the passengers themselves. The tour bus owner has a legal responsibility to break up fights between passengers, keep the walkways clean, and otherwise ensure that passengers are safe. This duty starts when the passenger steps on board and does not end until these passengers reach their destinations.

Establishing Liability in Ocala Tour Bus Crashes

Until very recently, personal injury attorneys had to rely largely on circumstantial evidence to establish liability in these cases. But two recent technological innovations have changed the face of Ocala vehicle collision claims.

The Event Data Recorder captures and records vehicle speed, engine RPM, steering angle, and a number of other important metrics. Unlike eyewitness or other testimony, it’s almost impossible for Florida insurance company lawyers to challenge EDR data in court.

Large vehicle EDRs are extremely complicated machines. It takes attorneys with vast resources, such as the ones at Piccin and & Glynn, to download and use this information in court.

Most tour buses are also equipped with Electronic Logging Devices. ELDs are connected to the bus’ ignition. So, there is a conclusive hours of service record. Attorneys know exactly when the driver was working and when the driver was resting. That’s a significant improvement over the old paper log books, which were rather easy to fake.

The ELD only tells part of the story. Even if the driver was technically in compliance with the hours of service rule, the driver may still have been dangerously fatigued. Most people are naturally sleepy late at night and early in the morning no matter how much rest they had the night before. And, as mentioned earlier, these hours are prime operating hours for Ocala tour buses.

Contact Aggressive Ocala Bus Accident Lawyer

If you were badly hurt in an accident, you have bills to pay and you need an attorney who fights for you. For a free consultation with an experienced bus acccident lawyer in Ocala, contact Piccin & Glynn. We routinely handle cases in Marion County and nearby jurisdictions.

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