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Ocala Personal Injury Protection Lawyer

Florida motorists are required by law to have a minimum amount of $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) to cover the cost of any injuries sustained in a car accident. Florida is also a no-fault state, which means that car accident victims are required to go through their own PIP insurance providers to pay for injuries regardless of who was responsible. While PIP benefits ensure that injured parties are able to collect compensation for some of their losses, it also means that many car accident victims who sustain serious injuries and whose costs overwhelm the limits of their policies, could end up paying for treatment and vehicle repair out of their own pockets. Fortunately, those whose injuries are especially severe are permitted to file lawsuits against the at-fault parties in certain cases. To learn more about collecting compensation for your own Florida accident, please contact our Ocala personal injury protection lawyers for advice.

No-Fault Insurance

PIP policies, or no-fault insurance benefits, are only available to accident victims who can prove that they received medical treatment for their injuries within two weeks of their accident. Those who don’t meet this requirement are often ineligible to receive PIP benefits. However, even accident victims who are able to collect PIP benefits will face certain limits. No-fault insurance benefits, for example, only cover 80 percent of medical bills and rehabilitative services, unless the injury was not considered an emergency, in which case, the injured party will only be covered for up to $2,500 worth of benefits. PIP benefits will also cover 60 percent of lost wages of up to $10,000, but only if the accident victim becomes disabled as a result of his or her injuries and is unable to work at all. Finally, the surviving family members of an accident victim who lost his or her life are eligible to receive $5,000 to cover funeral-related costs.

While these benefits can significantly defray the cost of treating a car accident injury, they are often not enough to cover all of an accident victim’s losses. In these cases, an injured party could attempt to recover damages from the at-fault driver by filing a lawsuit against that individual, but only if his or her injuries were severe enough to satisfy Florida’s standard of what qualifies as a serious injury.

Filing a Car Accident Claim in Florida

 Generally, only those who are involved in car accidents and who sustain serious injuries have standing to file a personal injury suit against the negligent party who caused their accident. In Florida, only certain injuries qualify as serious, including:

  • Permanent injuries;
  • Significant and permanent disfigurement or scarring; or
  • The permanent and significant loss of a bodily function.

When car accident victims can demonstrate that their injury falls under one of these categories, they may be eligible to recover damages from the at-fault party in court, which could cover not only medical expenses, but also property damage and pain and suffering.

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