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Consumer products play a huge role in our lives, as we each may use many different products on a daily basis. When you purchase a product—large or small—you expect it to be safe for its intended use and for it to come with adequate warnings regarding potential risks of injuries. This is often not the case, however, as manufacturers can and do produce and sell products that may be defective and lead to accidents and injuries. If you or a member of your household suffers injuries because of a dangerous product, you may have the legal right to recover by making a claim under products liability law. If you believe you are entitled to compensation, do not hesitate to call the Ocala product liability lawyers at Piccin & Glynn to discuss a possible case today.

Many different products can be dangerous

While any product may be defective, the following are some items that are commonly at issue in products liability cases:

  • Motor vehicle parts – Many different parts on a car or other motor vehicle can be defective and malfunction, leading to serious collisions. Parts that commonly malfunction and cause injury include brakes, tires, axles, steering columns, and airbags.
  • Home appliances – Our homes are filled with many different appliances intended for our convenience, however stoves, dryers, grills, toasters, electronics, power tools, and many other appliances can cause burns, lacerations, and other severe injuries.
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices – When a doctor prescribes a drug or medical device, you should be able to trust that it will improve your quality of life and not cause additional illness or injury. Unfortunately, many different medications and devices lead to product, liability claims because users developed cancer, blood clots, or other serious medical conditions as adverse side effects.
  • Infant and child products – Parents generally try to choose carefully when selecting safe products for their small children. No matter how careful parents may be, cribs, strollers, swings, carriers, toys, and similar products can be defective and cause injury to children.

These are only some examples, as almost any type of product has the potential to cause injury in some way.

Proving the negligence of manufacturers

Manufacturers can be negligent in different ways that result in a dangerous product and injuries. The following are the primary acts of negligence in this type of claim:

  • Defective design;
  • Defective manufacture; or
  • Failing to warn consumers of inherent risks of using the product.

Proving any of these negligent acts can require extensive investigation and the opinion of industry experts, so you always want to seek out a product liability lawyer with the resources and experience necessary to hold a large manufacturer accountable for its actions.

Find out how our experienced Ocala product liability lawyers can help you

Before moving to Ocala in 1974, John H. Piccin defended products liability suits as a member of the General Motors Corporation Legal Staff in Detroit, Michigan. He has successfully sued major manufacturers for decades.  At Piccin & Glynn, our experienced legal team strives to protect the rights of individuals who have suffered injury due to dangerous products. Case evaluations are free, so please call our office at (352) 351-5446 or (800) 969-5446 for assistance today.

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