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Unanchored Furniture Puts Your Household at Risk

By John Piccin |

A recent article appearing in Consumer Reports (CR) revealed some shocking statistics on furniture tip-overs in the US, and parents of younger children should be especially concerned. Unanchored furniture causes severe injuries to one victim every 17 minutes nationwide. Children under six years old are the majority of victims. Unfortunately, the trend is getting… Read More »


Top 5 Recalled Children’s Products for 2018

By John Piccin |

Defective products present serious risks to anyone who comes into contact with them, but children are especially vulnerable to severe injuries. Due to age and inexperience, they may not be able to identify dangers and cannot appreciate how badly they can be hurt. Unfortunately, defective products end up on recall lists more often than… Read More »


Product Recalls and How they Affect Product Liability Lawsuits

By John Piccin |

Product recalls happen all the time. In fact, Publix just recently issued a recall for its popular tropical fruit medley mix throughout Florida and a few other states. According to NBC Miami, the voluntary recall was issued due to suspicion that some fruit medley mixes may contain listeria, a foodborne disease-causing bacteria that can… Read More »


What is Product Liability?

By John Piccin |

Simply put, product liability is an area of the law designed to compensate individuals who are harmed by a defective product. For example, you would likely have a viable product liability claim on your hands if, upon plugging in your brand new toaster for the first time, it inexplicably exploded and injured your hand…. Read More »

Largest Airbag Recall in United States History Underway

By John Piccin |

You might rightfully assume that the safety features offered by your vehicle are designed to protect you in the event of an accident. In most cases, you would be correct. But for 11 people, airbags took their lives instead of saving them. One of those 11 people was Huma Hanif, a 17-year-old Texas girl,… Read More »

Class Action Suit Filed Against Hair Care Company

By John Piccin |

In late 2015, over 200 women filed a class action lawsuit against WEN, a hair care company owned by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean and popular marketing company Guthy-Renker, alleging that the product caused personal injuries. Late night infomercials featuring media personalities like Alyssa Milano and Brooke Shields claimed that the sulfate-free alternative to shampoo… Read More »

Energy Drinks Could Give You More Than Extra Pep In Your Step

By John Piccin |

Many people enjoy a cup of coffee on a daily basis, and research suggests that moderate amounts of coffee consumption can even be beneficial to our health. Consumption of energy drinks in order to get a little extra boost, on the other hand, can be deadly, causing premature wrongful deaths of otherwise healthy individuals…. Read More »

Toys of the Future Still Pose Real-World Threats

By John Piccin |

In the 1980s (and 1950s, and 1880s), Marty McFly encountered many far-fetched visions of the future in the Back to the Future trilogy. One particular fantasy item was none other than the hoverboard, and the films gave the futuristic, floating skateboard instant cult status. For decades, kids wondered what it would be like to… Read More »

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay Millions in Talcum Powder Products Liability Case

By John Piccin |

In a landmark personal injury decision, a Missouri jury awarded $72 million in damages to the family of an Alabama woman who died of ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based products for years. Jacqueline Fox used the talcum powder for personal hygiene for over 30 years before passing away in October after… Read More »

Common Household Items can Cause Serious Injury

By John Piccin |

Injuries caused by defective products can often result in a product liability action brought by an injured consumer. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that there were in excess of 38 million injuries related to consumer products during 2010. In cases where an injured consumer can establish that his or her… Read More »

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