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Ocala Truck Accident Lawyer

Fully-loaded large trucks usually weigh more than 80,000 pounds. It is very difficult even for experienced drivers to control these massive vehicles. Other circumstances, such as bad weather or an oversize load, make this task even more daunting. As a result, the risk of a truck-vehicle accident is quite high. And given the size of these trucks, victims often sustain catastrophic injuries in these crashes.

These cases are often legally complex as well as factually complex. That’s why you need an experienced attorney like the ones at Piccin & Glynn on your side. Our Ocala truck accident lawyers have over sixty years of combined experience. Our clients get more than experienced attorneys. They also get a small army of investigators, paralegals, and other professionals who are dedicated to maximum compensation in their injury cases.

Important Things to Remember if You Have Been in an Ocala Motor Vehicle Accident:

  • Make a police report. Although typically inadmissible in court, a police report can be very helpful in settlement negotiations. It will contain facts such as which driver was at fault, the names of witnesses, and driving conditions.
  • Call a lawyer. Contacting an experienced lawyer is one of the most important things you can do when you have been involved in an accident. Not only will your lawyer negotiate with the insurance company, your lawyer will also gather crucial facts and preserve the necessary evidence to ensure that you win your case. Piccin & Glynn also makes hospital and home visits to get you help when you need it most.
  • Maintain good medical records. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you will undoubtedly seek medical care. When you see a doctor or practitioner, make sure you ask for your records so that you can show them to your lawyer.
  • Document with photographs. Photographs are a powerful tool that can be used in court to show your injuries and the damage to your car, truck, or motorcycle.

Negligence Per Sein Ocala Truck Accident Cases

Just as the name implies, negligence “as such” usually means negligence as a matter of law. Rather than prove all five elements of a negligence case, many victim/plaintiffs need only establish that the tortfeasor (negligent driver) violated a safety law, and that said violation substantially caused the victim/plaintiff’s injuries. Some common statutory violations in Ocala truck crash cases include:

  • Speeding: Typically, the speed limit for large trucks is lower than the speed limit for passenger vehicles. Sometimes, it’s hard for truck drivers to observe this speed limit, especially if they are travelling down a grade. Other times, they simply ignore the speed limit, because to most drivers, time is money.
  • Improper Route: Some Ocala-area roads are designated no-truck zones. There are also limited places where trucks carrying hazardous materials can operate. This designation is quite broad, and it would surprise most people to learn all the substances which the government considers “hazardous.”

In some situations, negligence per seis only a presumption of negligence as opposed to absolute proof.

Driver Background in Ocala Truck Crash Cases

Most truck drivers in Florida have out-of-state drivers’ licenses. As a result, it’s almost impossible to obtain driving records. But the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Safety Management System is an even better substitute. It keeps track of key metrics like:

  • Unsafe driving,
  • At-fault collisions,
  • HOS (hours of service) compliance,
  • Vehicle maintenance,
  • ALcohol/substance abuse infractions, and
  • Vehicle maintenance.

With this kind of information, it is easier to establish negligence in the eyes of a Marion County jury.

Third Party Liability

The serious injuries in truck accident cases often include serious burns and wrongful death. Many times, the tortfeasor does not have enough insurance coverage to fully compensate these victims. Fortunately, the shipping company or other employer is usually liable for Ocala truck accident damages, because of the respondeat superiordoctrine. This rule applies if the tortfeasor was an employee who acted within the course and scope of employment.

The law broadly defines both these elements. Owner-operators and independent contractors are “employees” in this context, since the employer controls the driver. Moreover, any act that benefits the employer in any way is usually within the course and scope of employment. That could include driving an empty truck back to the garage.

Respondeat superior applies in most truck accident cases. Other employer liability theories include negligent supervision and negligent hiring.

Why Choose Piccin & Glynn for Your Motor Vehicle Accident Case?

  • Experience. Having handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases, Piccin & Glynn has the experienced Ocala automobile, truck and motorcycle accident lawyers you need. If your case goes to trial, John Piccin and Katie Glynn will personally handle your trial.  They may also enlist other lawyers to assist.
  • Answers. Piccin & Glynn will answer all of your questions, including those related to insurance coverage. Navigating the complicated world of hospital liens, Medicare and Medicaid liens, and other outstanding bills can be overwhelming. Piccin & Glynn will negotiate those issues on your behalf.
  • Peace of mind. Piccin & Glynn will ensure that your rights are protected and will gather all documents necessary to win your case. Hospital records, bills, reports, and other required documentation will be gathered and maintained by Piccin & Glynn. We will deal directly with the insurance companies and defense lawyers so that you can focus on what’s most important: getting better.
  • Free Case Evaluation. As with all of our practice areas, call us for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

Connect With Assertive Ocala Truck Accident Lawyers

Large truck accidents often cause serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced truck accident lawyer in Ocala, contact Piccin & Glynn. An attorney can connect victims with doctors, even if they have no money or insurance.

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