What to Include in Your Personal Journal After a Florida Auto Crash


Aside from hiring an Ocala car accident lawyer to represent you in connection with a claim for compensation, one of the most critical tasks after suffering injuries in a crash is to start a journal. There are two primary reasons to begin documenting your experiences right away:

  1. You enhance the recovery process, since you’re able to have more productive conversations with your doctor regarding treatment; and,
  2. You support your position when filing a claim for compensation with the responsible driver’s insurance company.

With these objectives in mind, here are a few items to include when you begin your post-accident journal.

Your Recollection of the Accident: As soon as possible after the crash, you should jot down detailed notes about what happened. Include information regarding:

  • The time, date, and location;
  • Where you were coming from and going to;
  • Weather and visibility conditions;
  • Your driving maneuvers in the moments before the collision, such as making a turn, slowing down, stopping, or merging;
  • Your speed;
  • A drawing of the crash; and,
  • Contact details for potential witnesses. 

Immediate Medical Care: This journal entry should focus on the treatment you received right after the collision, whether it was a trip to the emergency room, a visit to an urgent care center, or an appointment with your own primary care physician. Make sure to seek medical care immediately, or at least within 72 hours of the accident.

Your Personal Experiences with Treatment and Recovery: For serious injuries, you’ll continue to endure pain, suffering, and related discomfort. It’s important to document your experiences, including every appointment with health care providers, therapy sessions, medications you take for pain, and additional treatment. Also, include details on your physical limitations, especially how they affect your ability to work and participate in favorite activities. 

Tips for Keeping a Car Accident Journal: Aside from the information above, some additional recommendations will guide you as you’re creating a diary of your auto collision.

  • Enter information into your journal frequently in the days after the crash, as this time period is the most critical with respect to pain and suffering.
  • Be consistent with journal entries as you recover, such as writing down some thoughts every few days or once a week.
  • Your journal will have more credibility if you include subjective measurements to describe your pain. The American Chronic Pain Association offers online tools for communicating pain, as well as a “pain map.” You’re better able to establish your right to compensation when you can pinpoint where you hurt, how it feels, and the severity of the pain.

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