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Should I Accept a Personal Injury Settlement Offer?

By John Piccin |

Many personal injury plaintiffs (i.e. people who were injured due to someone else’s negligent or wrongful act and filed a lawsuit in order to recoup their losses) assume that their claims will ultimately be resolved in court. However, in reality only 4 to 5 percent of personal injury cases in the United States end… Read More »


What is Product Liability?

By John Piccin |

Simply put, product liability is an area of the law designed to compensate individuals who are harmed by a defective product. For example, you would likely have a viable product liability claim on your hands if, upon plugging in your brand new toaster for the first time, it inexplicably exploded and injured your hand…. Read More »


FAQs about Childhood Sports Injury Claims

By John Piccin |

Many adults have fond memories of playing sports as a child. These memories are often punctuated with triumphs and losses and, unfortunately, the occasional injury. Injuries are simply a part of playing a sport, regardless of whether that sport is classified as being a contact sport or not. In any case, most sports injuries… Read More »


Florida’s Dog Bite Laws: The Need to Know Basics

By John Piccin |

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 4 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, 800,000 of whom require medical attention. Dog bites are serious, and so are the personal injury lawsuits that often follow such attacks. But can a dog owner always be held liable for the injuries… Read More »


Florida’s Wrongful Death Statute of Limitations

By John Piccin |

You’ve probably heard the term “statute of limitations” tossed around on TV courtroom dramas when a criminal committed a crime years ago and can no longer be prosecuted because the statute of limitations on his offense has expired. But did you know that there are statutes of limitations that apply to civil lawsuits as… Read More »


How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Florida?

By John Piccin |

Anyone who has been injured due to someone else’s negligence and is interested in filing a personal injury lawsuit in Florida should be warned: personal injury lawsuits in Florida can only be filed within a limited timeframe thanks to our state’s statutes of limitations. How long you have to file your claim depends on… Read More »


How to Prove Your Florida Product Liability Negligence Claim

By John Piccin |

If you are like most Florida residents then you probably use countless products on any given day. From the alarm clock you turn off the moment that you wake up, to the coffee maker that you switch on before hopping in your car and driving to work, to the computer that you work on,… Read More »


Florida Legislature Failed to Repeal PIP Insurance, Here’s What that Means to You

By John Piccin |

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the Florida Legislature ended its 2017 session earlier this month without passing House Bill 1063 (HB 1063). HB 1063 was aimed at reforming our state’s current no-fault personal injury protection car insurance system and, if it had been passed into law, would have eliminated the requirement that Florida… Read More »


Ignition Interlock Devices: An Overview of the Current Law in Florida

By John Piccin |

According to the Tampa Bay Times state legislators in Florida filed approximately 1,900 bills during the 2017 regular session, 234 of which were passed by both the House and the Senate. One of the many bills that failed was House Bill 949 which, if passed into law, would have required first-time DUI offenders to… Read More »


Rear-End Accidents: Who is Liable?

By John Piccin |

A rear-end accident is a type of traffic collision in which one car crashes into the car in front of it. Rear-end accidents are extremely common, in fact The Washington Post reports that there are approximately 1.7 million rear-end collisions in the United States each year. When this happens the rear driver is usually,… Read More »

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