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4 Reasons to Retain an Lawyer after an Ocala Car Accident

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The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reports that there were in excess of 280,000 reportable traffic accidents during 2012 alone. Car accidents can result in serious injuries for the drivers and passengers involved, often entitling them to significant financial compensation. Examples of the kinds of losses that are generally used to determine how much victims will receive include their medical expenses, lost income, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life, as well as others. It is extremely important for anyone who has been injured in an accident to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. Some of the ways in which an experienced Ocala car accident lawyer can help are detailed below.

An Lawyer Will Determine Whether You Have A Legal Claim

Not every car accident entitles victims to file a claim. Generally speaking, car accident victims need to be able to establish that their accident was the result of someone else’s negligence. Common parties that are often held liable for car accidents include other motorists, car manufacturers, pedestrians and bicyclists, and government agencies responsible for road maintenance and design.

Your Lawyer Will Negotiate With The Insurance Company Handling Your Claim

The vast majority of car accident cases are resolved before a lawsuit is ever filed. Generally, one party concedes liability, and the only issue that needs to be resolved is how much the at-fault party’s insurance company will pay to the victim. Insurance companies will often offer individuals who have not retained legal counsel a settlement amount far below what the case is worth hoping that the victim will simply accept it and move on. Accurately placing a value on a car accident case requires significant legal knowledge and experience, so it is important for victims to consult with an lawyer before accepting a settlement offer.

An Lawyer Will File Suit On Your Behalf, If Necessary

Sometimes, the parties to a car accident case are unable to come to an agreeable settlement arrangement and it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit. Filing a personal injury lawsuit is a complicated matter, and it is highly advisable for people to do so through the representation of a lawyer.

A Lawyer Will Represent You In Court

In the event that your case goes to trial, it is extremely important to have an lawyer familiar with the substantive and procedural rules that apply to civil lawsuits. Doing so will maximize your chances of successfully recovering for your losses.

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