After An Accident, Do Not Wait To Get Trusted Help

Compassionate Representation To Help Injured Motorcyclists Recover

Considering all the reckless and negligent drivers out there and given that some drivers have difficulty noticing motorcyclists altogether, it is no wonder that motorcycle riders are much more likely to experience a motor vehicle accident than drivers of any other vehicle. Regardless of how common these accidents are, the victims of these crashes still deserve fair and full compensation for their injuries.

At Piccin & Glynn, our attorneys are proud to help injured cyclists and drivers pursue the outcomes they deserve in their personal injury claims. Our lawyers have more than 70 combined years of experience representing clients throughout the Ocala community and have regularly recovered settlements and verdicts worth millions of dollars.

Seeking The Fair And Full Compensation You Need

The aftermath of your motorcycle accident can leave you with a lifetime of complications, and our team believes that the settlement from your compensation claim should reflect damages for both the current and future consequences of the wreck – not just for what you are experiencing now. Fair compensation should include:

  • Lost income and your loss of earning potential
  • Current medical bills and the cost of future treatments
  • Renovation and relocation fees to adapt to your disabilities
  • Loss of consortium (long-term personal relationships)
  • Pain and suffering

These claims are not a quick cash grab for our Flordia lawyers; they are about helping our clients and community recover from the wrongs that someone inflicted on them. Our experienced team is ready to fight for you through any negotiation and litigation necessary to resolve your motor vehicle claim.

Our Attorneys Are Here For You

After your accident, the last thing you should do is try to go through the efforts of juggling your health and your claim on your own. Instead of taking unnecessary risks with your future, allow our lawyers to handle the legal aspects of your claim while you tend to your health.

Call us at 352-558-8480 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner you can close this chapter of your life and move forward after your injuries.