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10 Reasons To Hire Us

Dedicated Attorneys

When we take your case, we will dedicate ourselves heart-and-soul to securing the maximum compensation possible. You will have our undivided attention for however long it takes to achieve that goal.

Better Relationships

Our “father/daughter” law firm prides itself on the relationships we build with our clients. When you become our client, you become like “family” to us.

More Time To Focus On Your Case

Because we are picky about the cases we take on, we have all the time we need to thoroughly research and present your case — either to the other party for a settlement offer or to the judge and jury at trial.

You Are Given Priority

Your case will always take priority over anything else in our lives that could hinder a timely, successful outcome. If it comes down to a personal commitment or our commitment to you, your case will have first priority every time.

Personalized Treatment

Because we are not a giant national law firm, you will either be represented by Katie Glynn or John Piccin, period. At many larger law firms, your case might be assigned to a less-experienced lawyer or, worse yet, be shunted around to more than one attorney, all of whom will need to be “brought up to speed” on your matter.

Ease Of Communication

Again, because we are a two-attorney law firm, prompt, personal communication is a given.


We have the luxury of conforming our schedule around yours because we only take on as many cases as we can comfortably handle. We don’t load ourselves up with so many cases we can’t be flexible with our time, should you need to reschedule or simply talk with us as soon as possible.

No Upfront Charges

Because we work on a contingency basis, you pay nothing until you are awarded a settlement or win compensation at trial. Only then will we receive a percentage of that amount. That means there is never any “upfront” fees or fees of any kind, for that matter.

Your Case Is Always Critically Important To Us!

It’s not just another case, it’s our mission until it’s successfully completed!

You Work Directly With The Owners

You won’t work with paralegals or administrative staff — you’ll work with either Katie or John, who have “skin in the game” and a vested interest in seeing you win!