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Helping Pedestrian Victims Move Forward After An Accident

When vehicles slam into pedestrians, the victims almost always sustain catastrophic or fatal injuries. That means tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and other economic losses.

The compassionate pedestrian accident lawyers at Piccin & Glynn can help you after a motor vehicle accident. Our team sympathizes with your pain and suffering, because many people on our professional team are accident survivors themselves. We work hard and always communicate with you proactively throughout the case, so you are never in the dark. Our lawyers are not satisfied with anything less than the best possible result under the circumstances. You can call us now at 352-558-8480 to schedule your free consultation.

Pedestrian Accidents Often Cause Serious Injuries

Since pedestrians have no protection from oncoming cars, just a tiny bit of extra speed is often fatal. In fact, if the impact speed is less than 30mph, the pedestrian fatality rate is less than 10 percent. If the speed is over 40mph, the fatality rate jumps to 90 percent.

The high emergency related medical bills are just the beginning. Pedestrian accident victims usually also require extensive follow-up medical care, such as revision surgeries. Due to the nature of these procedures, most victims also require extensive and costly physical therapy.

At Piccin & Glynn, we are here to help. We quickly obtain medical records and any other evidence to start building a successful claim. We also make sure that your legal costs are covered until the case is over. That way, our clients do not need to worry about the costs or the status of their claims. They just need to focus on getting better.

Lawyers sometimes use the term “accidents” to refer to these incidents, but most cases are not “accidental” in the sense that most of these cases are preventable. The failure to prevent them constitutes negligence.  However, insurance companies have some routine defenses in these pedestrian injury cases as set forth below.

The Sudden Emergency Defense In Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Most insurance companies claim that many victims “darted out into traffic” and therefore the crash was inevitable. This position usually sets up the sudden emergency defense.  This defense has two basic prongs:

  • A reasonable reaction to
  • A “sudden emergency”

Not all unexpected events qualify as sudden emergencies in this context. Happenings like jaywalking pedestrians or cars that stop short occur frequently and are foreseeable. So, drivers should be ready for them. Instead, a “sudden emergency” usually involves a hood fly-up or something else when the driver could not possibly have anticipated.

Work With Tenacious Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

Pedestrian accident victims need attorneys who will fight for their rights in court. For a free consultation with an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Ocala, contact Piccin & Glynn. You can call us now at 352-558-8480 or send us an email to schedule your free consultation. Home and hospital visits are available.