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Seeking Justice For Injured Bicyclists

When it comes to an accident between a car and a bike, the bicycle and its rider stand little chance of making it out of crash without an injury. A car weighs hundreds of pounds more than any bike, which is one of the key factors that causes cyclists catastrophic injuries in these accidents.

At Piccin & Glynn, our lawyers know what lies on the road to recovery for a cyclist after an accident with a motor vehicle, and they can guide victims through the process of maximizing the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

What Cyclists Face In Their Accidents

Before you and your lawyer seek compensation for your injuries, you need to know the long-term consequences. Our Florida attorneys have more than 70 combined years of experience representing clients throughout these claims and understand the aftermath of catastrophic injuries such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries: Even with a helmet, a cyclist can suffer brain damage that leaves a victim with memory loss, emotional changes, mobility issues and death.
  • Nerve damage: A sudden blow to any part of the nervous system can cause a victim to suffer a lifetime of numbness, pain and discomfort with little to no treatment options.
  • Paralysis: Damage to the brain or nervous system can cause someone to suffer paralysis that leaves them unable to move a limb, both their legs or even their entire body from the neck down.
  • Scarring and disfigurement: Being thrown from a bike can cause severe road burn. While these injuries may not result in a loss of bodily function, the disfigurement can negatively impact a victim’s social and romantic relationships for the rest of their life.

Fair compensation for these and other injuries should include medical expenses, lost income and loss of earning potential due to disabilities, and damages for pain and suffering as well as any negative impact on relationships and reputations. As your legal representation, it is our lawyers’ goal to earn every penny you deserve in as little time as possible in your accident claim.

Put Your Claim In Good Hands

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