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The personal injury attorneys at Piccin & Glynn can help you get compensated for your case. Our highly trained lawyers handle a wide range of personal injury cases in Ocala, Marion County and across central Florida. We will do everything in our power to help you get the justice you deserve.

In Florida, in order to recover money in a personal injury case you must prove that:

  • Another person or company owed you a duty not to injure you;
  • The other person or company failed to fulfill this duty (also known as breach of duty);
  • You were injured as a result of the other person’s or company’s breach; and
  • You suffered money damages.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases

We can assist with the following types of personal injury cases:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: In Florida, crashes involving motor vehicles are not unusual. You can recover money damages when someone else injured you in an accident.
  • Car accidents: We represent injury victims following car accidents due to distracted driving, drunk or impaired driving, reckless driving and more. These accidents can result in catastrophic injuries.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles account for 3% of Florida’s motor vehicles. Although they account for a small percentage of vehicles on the road, motorcycle accidents are steadily increasing in Florida usually because the other driver didn’t see the motorcycle!
  • Truck accidents. If a commercial truck hits another vehicle, the driver may have been fatigued, on a substance or may have taken an illegal substance. Our attorneys will work to get your deserved compensation after a truck accident.
  • Pedestrian accidents. Florida has the highest rate of pedestrian deaths in the country. Distracted driving, vehicle speed and failure to obey crosswalks sadly lead to pedestrian injuries and fatalities.
  • Bicycle accidents. Navigating traffic on a bicycle can be daunting, especially when car and truck drivers refuse to share the road with you. Bicycle accidents usually occur when another driver fails to honor the rights of the bicycle rider.
  • Wrongful death: When a loved one dies unexpectedly because someone else acted carelessly or recklessly, family members and dependents can recover money damages.
  • Products liability Even when used properly, some products cause injuries. Common household items such as stoves and toasters can fail and lead to burns and other injuries. In other cases, prescription and over-the-counter medications can cause organ damage or failure, blood clots, and cancer. In any of these cases, if you have suffered injuries resulting from a defective, faulty or dangerous product, you can recover damages.
  • Insurance disputes: When your insurance carrier fails to honor the terms of your insurance policy or suddenly terminates your policy, you may have a claim against it.
  • Medical malpractice: Medical malpractices cases occur when doctors or other medical professionals make mistakes that lead to injury or death.

After being injured in an accident, you should call our experienced personal injury lawyers immediately. We will advise you of your rights and guide you on the next steps of your case. They will communicate directly with insurance companies and defense lawyers and will negotiate with them to get you the result you deserve.

Answering Common Personal Injury Questions

Suffering an injury due to the negligence of another can leave you confused with many questions. We have included answers to the some of the most common questions we receive below. For more answers to personal injury questions, view our Personal Injury FAQ page.

What should I do if I’ve been injured in an accident in Ocala, FL?

If you’ve been injured in an accident in Ocala, FL, it’s crucial to prioritize your health and safety first. Seek medical attention immediately, even if your injuries seem minor. Then, document the accident scene, gather contact information from witnesses, and notify the relevant authorities. Finally, consult with a trusted personal injury attorney in Ocala to understand your legal rights and options for seeking compensation.

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim?

In Florida, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim varies depending on the type of accident and the parties involved. Generally, the statute of limitations is four years from the date of the injury for most personal injury cases. However, it’s crucial not to delay seeking legal advice, as evidence and witnesses may become harder to locate over time. Contacting an Ocala personal injury attorney as soon as possible can help ensure you meet all necessary deadlines.

What types of compensation can I recover in a personal injury case?

Victims of personal injury accidents may be entitled to various types of compensation, including medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, property damage, and rehabilitation costs. Additionally, if the negligence of another party caused your injuries, you may also be eligible for punitive damages, designed to punish the responsible party for their wrongdoing. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney in Ocala can help you understand the full scope of compensation available in your case.

How much is my personal injury case worth?

The value of a personal injury case in Ocala, FL, depends on various factors, including the severity of your injuries, the extent of your financial losses, the insurance coverage available, and the degree of fault assigned to each party involved. While it’s challenging to determine an exact dollar amount without thoroughly evaluating the specifics of your case, a skilled personal injury attorney in Ocala can conduct a comprehensive analysis and provide an estimate of the potential compensation you may recover.

Should I accept a settlement offer from the insurance company?

Before accepting any settlement offer from an insurance company, it’s essential to consult with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies often attempt to settle claims quickly and for less than the full amount you may deserve. An experienced attorney can review the offer, assess its fairness, and negotiate on your behalf to secure a more favorable outcome. Remember, once you accept a settlement, you forfeit your right to pursue further compensation, so it’s crucial to make an informed decision with legal guidance.

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