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Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer

Piccin & Glynn can help you get compensated for your personal injury case. Located in Ocala, Florida, our top AV-rated firm handles a wide-range of personal injury cases in Marion County and across Central Florida. Our highly trained Ocala personal injury lawyers will help you get the justice you deserve and are also available nights and weekends to work on your case.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

  • Auto Accidents
    In Florida, auto crashes are not unusual. You can recover money damages when someone else injured you in an accident..
  • Wrongful Death
    When a loved one dies unexpectedly because someone else acted carelessly or recklessly, family members and dependents can recover money damages.
  • Medical Malpractice
    Medical malpractices cases occur when doctors or other medical professionals make mistakes that lead to injury or death.
  • Products Liability
    Even when used properly, some products cause injuries. Common household items such as stoves and toasters can fail and lead to burns and other injuries. In other cases, prescription and over-the-counter medications can cause organ damage or failure, blood clots, and cancer. In any of these cases, if you have suffered injuries resulting from a defective, faulty, or dangerous product, you can recover damages.
  • Insurance Disputes
    When your insurance carrier fails to honor the terms of your insurance policy or suddenly terminates your policy, you may have a claim against it.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. Motorcycles account for 3% of Florida’s motor vehicles. Although they account for a small percentage of vehicles on the road, motorcycle accidents are steadily increasing in Florida usually because the other driver didn’t see the motorcycle!
  • Truck Accidents. If a commercial truck hits you, you may be the victim of a fatigued driver!
  • Pedestrian Accidents. Florida has the highest rate of pedestrian deaths in the country. Distracted driving, vehicle speed, and failure to obey crosswalks sadly lead to pedestrian injuries and fatalities.
  • Bicycle Accidents. Navigating traffic on a bicycle can be daunting, especially when car and truck drivers refuse to share the road with you. Bicycle accidents usually occur when another driver fails to honor the rights of the bicycle rider.

Piccin & Glynn Will Communicate and Negotiate On Your Behalf

After being injured in an accident, you should call our experienced Ocala personal injury lawyers immediately. Piccin & Glynn will advise you of your rights and guide you on the next steps of your case. They will communicate directly with insurance companies and defense lawyers and will negotiate with them to get you the result you deserve.

Q. How long do I have to file my claim?

A. In Florida, generally you must file your personal injury negligence claim in Court within four (4) years of the accident. For wrongful death cases, you generally must file within two (2) years of death. For insurance cases, you generally have five (5) years to file your claim. The Statute of limitations for medical malpractice is complicated and must be protected by an experienced Medical Malpractice lawyer. Failure to timely handle your claim can result in your being barred from any recovery.

Q. What if I am partially at fault in an accident? Can I still get money?

A. It depends on how much your actions (or inactions) caused the accident. Florida law allows a jury to weigh the percentages that all persons involved were at fault and reduce money damages accordingly. For example, if you were 10% at fault in a car accident and the other driver was 90% at fault, your damages would be reduced by 10%.

Q. How much is this lawsuit going to cost me?

A. When starting a lawsuit, a common concern is whether you can afford a lawyer. At Piccin & Glynn, you do not pay any fees or costs until your case has concluded. Your lawyer will be paid only if you receive compensation as a result of a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict.

Q. How much money will I receive?

A. Each case is unique and based on a number of different factors. Injuries, circumstances, and facts all vary from case to case. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer can provide guidance on the issue of compensation after reviewing your particular situation.

Q. Will I have to go to court?

A. Every case should be prepared for trial.  However, most cases resolve without going to trial. In the unlikely event your case goes to trial, John Piccin, Katie Glynn and sometimes additional counsel will handle your case.

Q. What if I was in an accident and I injured a part of my body that I injured years before?

A. Prior injuries to the same part of the body are known as “pre-existing conditions.” In Florida, you can still recover damages. However, insurance companies and defense lawyers will often use your pre-existing condition as an excuse to try to settle your case for less than it is worth.

Q. What if the person who hit me doesn’t have insurance?

A. Florida motorists are not required to carry bodily injury liability insurance. If an uninsured motorist hits you, you are possibly out of luck unless you have uninsured motorist coverage. It is extremely important to have adequate uninsured motorist insurance and to retain an lawyer familiar with uninsured motorist claims.

Q. Who can recover damages in a wrongful death suit?

A. In Florida, recovery generally is limited to the deceased’s spouse, children, and parents. Blood relatives and adoptive brothers and sisters may also be entitled to compensation.

Q. What if I don’t like the amount of money the insurance company offers?

A. As your lawyers, we strive to ensure that you receive the highest and fairest settlement possible. We cannot accept any settlement offer without your approval. Our lawyers will take the time and give you the personal attention you need to understand any settlement offer, as well as to analyze the risks/benefits of proceeding to a jury trial.

Our Ocala Personal Injury Lawyers Can Get You Compensated

In Florida, in order to recover money in a personal injury case you must prove that:

  • Another person or company owed you a duty not to injure you;
  • The other person or company failed to fulfill this duty (also known as breach of duty);
  • You were injured as a result of the other person’s or company’s breach; and
  • You suffered money damages.

For a free evaluation of your case, call Piccin & Glynn in Ocala, Florida today at (352) 351-5446 or (800) 969-5446.

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