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Ocala Car Accident Lawyers Helping Injury Victims Navigate Their Claims

Now that cellphones are always within reach, reckless drivers seem to be everywhere. A driver needs to only look away from the road for a second to lose sight of what they are doing and rear-end you at a stoplight, T-bone you while accidentally running a red light or sideswipe you while changing lanes without looking.

When a reckless driver causes you to suffer catastrophic injuries, you may have more questions than answers, and our car accident lawyers at Piccin & Glynn can give you the information and guidance you need. They have more than 70 total years of experience representing the needs of injured clients, and they are committed to helping them in any way that they can.

How Our Legal Team Helps With Your Car Accident Case

We can all do a little better to avoid getting into an accident with reckless drivers. By watching our surroundings, maintaining traffic laws and avoiding our own distractions while driving, we can stay safer when we’re behind the wheel. Despite our best efforts, though, it is still possible to wind up in a car accident, which is where our team comes in.

As your legal representation, our lawyers will help you every step of the way in your case. Let us support you through the following:

  • Collecting evidence: We can secure evidence that supports your motor vehicle accident claim, including video footage, witness testimony and medical/police reports.
  • Discussing settlement with the parties involved: We can help determine the total cost of your injuries and negotiate for a fair and fast resolution with the auto insurers to provide you with the settlement you need. Our team does not settle for lowball offers or “good enough” results. We are committed to maximizing results, which is how we often secure resolutions that are worth millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts.
  • Pursuing further compensation: We’ll help you make the most of your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage; if that’s not enough, we can aid you in pursuing further compensation from liable third parties (i.e., the rideshare company who employed the driver who hit you, the manufacturer of the failed auto part that caused your crash, etc.).
  • Seeking justice for catastrophic injuries: When your crash results in injuries with lifelong complications like nerve damage, traumatic brain injuries, paralysis and scarring or burns, our team is prepared to do what it takes to help you through every step of your claim.

If you’re not sure where to start when making a car accident claim, you can contact our legal team for guidance.

You Got Involved In A Car Crash: What Now?

Motor vehicle collisions are terrifying experiences. While it’s understandable that you’d feel shaken immediately after a collision, the actions you take after an accident are just as important as the actions you don’t take.

Things You Should Do

It’s important to have the presence of mind to perform the following after an accident:

  • Report the crash to the police
  • Immediately request for medical attention
  • Take photos and videos of the crash, but only if you can move safely about
  • Gather witness testimonies
  • Collect the other driver’s contact, insurance and vehicle information

Remember that your health and safety take top priority, but the more information and evidence you can collect, the stronger your case will be.

Things You Should Avoid Doing

Just as there are things you should do after an accident, there are also things that you shouldn’t. These include:

  • Apologizing after the accident, even if it’s not your fault, because it can place enough liability on you
  • Talking directly to insurance agents, giving them ways to avoid paying you compensation
  • Posting details of your car accident on social media

It’s easy to lose your temper in these situations. Stay calm, collect as much evidence as you can and let a legal advocate such as our team handle the confrontational parts of your claim.

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When you want to be sure that you are doing everything possible to protect your future after an accident, leave your claim in the hands of an experienced car accident lawyer. Our Ocala legal team will explore all available options to maximize your compensation while you focus on your health.

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