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Common Types Of Car Accident Claims

Most car accidents happen because of negligence.   After an accident, insurance companies and any attorneys who are hired will conduct a preliminary investigation to identify who was negligent. Understanding this negligence and the types of claims available can help you understand your next steps.

At Piccin & Glynn, we help our clients understand negligence in car accidents and the types of claims that maybe available. We understand that this process can be complex and that you may be unsure of who is responsible in your case. You get answers to your questions and learn more by contacting our Ocala office and scheduling your free consultation. Call our car accident lawyers now at 352-581-6174.

Understanding Negligence And Claims

To have the best chances of winning the case, the car crash (plaintiff’s) lawyers must prove that the defendant’s negligence caused the accident. Some examples of negligence include driving recklessly, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving while distracted by texting, emailing or otherwise just not paying attention.

Sometimes, a defect in a vehicle can cause an accident.  A defect that contributed to the accident may result in the injured party having a claim against the manufacturer of the vehicle or one of its many parts. If the car had a faulty manufacturing issue, the manufacturer can be held responsible regardless of who was at fault for the accident. In these product defect cases, lawyers bring in expert testimony and analysis as evidence to prove that the defect caused or contributed to the accident. Successful lawsuits will require the plaintiff to show:

  • The defective car or part was “unreasonably dangerous”
  • The vehicle was being operated safely
  • The vehicle’s performance had not changed since purchase

Sometimes, there may be some negligence on the part of governmental entities for faulty construction, design or maintenance of roads.  Faulty road design can contribute to car crashes and may have little to do with the drivers.

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