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Common Injuries on Florida Charter Boats and Excursions

By John Piccin |

Florida’s saltwater fishing is a huge draw for visitors, as the Florida Wildlife and Conservation Commission reports that the state has more world record catches than any other country in the world. The Sunshine State is also top in the U.S. for saltwater anglers, with almost 1.8 million licenses sold to residents and non-residents…. Read More »


Five Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Cyclists in Florida

By John Piccin |

Motorcycling is a popular activity in Florida, especially since you can ride year-round in gorgeous weather. However, if you are new to riding, there are a few important details you should know about motorcycle safety. You are not protected by a steel shell as you would be in a car, so the potential for… Read More »


Vehicle Safety Features That Can Help You Avoid a Car Accident in Florida

By John Piccin |

Vehicle safety features have come a long way since their inception in the 1800s, which saw the advent of padded dashboards, hydraulic brakes, seatbelts, and safety glass. Today, new technologies are constantly being introduced in the latest vehicle models. While we may be a few years away from fully automated, self-driving cars, the National… Read More »


Common Insurance Disputes and How a Florida Attorney Can Help

By John Piccin |

Insurance is a fundamental part of life for policyholders seeking to protect themselves, their assets, their health, and other valuable considerations. However, even if you uphold your end of the bargain by paying your premiums, insurance disputes can arise if the insurer fails to honor the policy terms. While the Florida Office of Insurance… Read More »


Claiming Emotional Distress in a Florida Car Accident Case

By John Piccin |

When you are hurt in a Florida car accident, you likely know that you may be entitled to recover compensation from the negligent driver. Your recovery amount is measured in terms of damages, a legal concept that refers to the economic and non-economic losses you experience. The first type of damages covers the costs… Read More »


Reasons to Get Proper Medical Attention After a Florida Car Accident

By John Piccin |

You are no doubt shaken and overwhelmed after suffering injuries in a Florida car accident as you try to make sense of what happened and assess the damage. However, it is still critical to seek medical treatment right away, even if you are only experiencing minor pain. Regardless of whether you head to the… Read More »


Several Florida Cities Listed as Most Dangerous for Pedestrians

By John Piccin |

Though motor vehicle collisions continue to top the list of accidental death in the US, shocking trends show that the frequency of pedestrian accidents is on the rise. In a recent report, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) released details about the number of pedestrian deaths and the percentage increase in accidents from 2014… Read More »


Punitive Damages in Florida Personal Injury Cases

By John Piccin |

When you are injured in any type of accident that results from someone’s careless actions, you may be able to recover from the negligent party. These “compensatory” damages are intended as a sort of reimbursement to you for the losses you sustain as a result of your injuries, such as: Medical costs; Lost earnings… Read More »


Why Insurance Companies Deny Auto Accident Claims

By John Piccin |

If you are hurt in a Florida car accident and need to file a claim for your injuries with the responsible driver’s insurance company, you probably assume the process is relatively straightforward: Fill out the forms, send them to the insurance agent, and wait to receive the check. In reality, filing a claim to… Read More »


Medical Errors Make the U.S. Top 3 Cause of Death List

By John Piccin |

According to the results of a recent study conducted by Johns Hopkins University, fatalities due to medical mistakes have been on the rise in the last few years. Preventable failures in healthcare are now in the top three causes of death in the U.S. A report summarizing the findings points to medical errors as… Read More »

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