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Holding Product Manufacturers Accountable

We all put a lot of faith in the safety of the products we use. If the chain on a chainsaw that we are using slips or a medicine we take doesn’t work as it should, disastrous consequences can result. When you have suffered harm due to a defective product, you deserve help in holding the manufacturer responsible for your injuries.

At Piccin & Glynn, you can meet with our Florida attorneys, who have more than 70 combined years of experience. They are proud to help clients recover from their injuries and seek justice for what they went through, and they are ready to put their decades of experience to work to build a personalized strategy for your injury claim.

Finding Proof Of Liability

One of the key factors to these claims is establishing that the manufacturer is, in fact, liable for your injuries and proving that your injuries were not the result of your own actions. Power tools are a common source of at-home injuries, but not all incidents qualify as a defective product claim.

For example, if a person was using a miter saw and accidentally cut their thumb, that would simply be a case of user error. However, if the spinning saw blade somehow came off the saw and injured the user during its release, that may be a viable claim for a defective product injury.

Our lawyers take the time to review the unique details of every case to find any opportunity to prove that the product was defective. They can hold a manufacturer accountable regardless of their knowledge or intent in their actions before the accident, and our attorneys are prepared to do what it takes to maximize the compensation that you earn for your injuries.

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