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Car Accidents Injure Two Ocala High School Students

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The beginning of a new school year can be full of excitement, new experiences, and new friends. Unfortunately, it can also expose young people to new risks of injury, as well. According to a report published in the Ocala Star Banner’s online site, two minor accidents resulted in two Forest High School students being sent to the hospital on the first day of school. In one incident, a school bus headed to the Ocala high school was rear-ended by a vehicle that fled the scene of the accident. In that case, a student was taken to the hospital with what were described as non-life-threatening injuries. The other accident, a chain reaction accident that occurred at low speed, also resulted in another student requiring treatment at a hospital.

Individuals injured in accidents can recover compensation for a variety of losses

Fortunately for people who sustain injuries in accidents caused by the negligence of others, Florida law often entitles them to recover compensation for the losses they sustain. These kinds of losses may be economic or non-economic, and often include medical expenses, loss of quality of life, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and loss of future earning potential, as well as others.

What kinds of negligence can cause car accidents?

As discussed above, in order to recover compensation, victims must be able to show that their accident was caused by someone else’s negligence. Common examples of the kinds of negligent conduct that can often result in an accident include the following:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Failure to adequately maintain a vehicle;
  • Impaired driving; and
  • Failure to observe traffic signals or stop lights.

Of course, victims who are injured should be sure to seek medical attention immediately. If they are able, however, victims should record as much information about the accident as possible. The kinds of facts of which to take note include the names of the other drivers involved in the accident, their insurance information, the license plate numbers of the vehicles involved, contact information from anyone who had witnessed the accident, the weather conditions at the time of the accident, and the location of any surveillance cameras that may have recorded the accident taking place. This type of evidence may become important in the event that your accident becomes contested.

Finally, accident victims should contact an lawyer familiar with handling car accident cases as soon as they are able. Retaining an lawyer will ensure that your legal rights are protected and that your losses are fully compensated.

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