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Halloween Festivities can Expose Ocala Children to the Risk of Pedestrian Accidents

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Many children in the Ocala area engage in the decades-old tradition of trick-or-treating each October 31st. Of course, many of us have fond memories of going from house to house filling our bags of candy while dressed as various macabre or popular characters. As adults, it is important to realize that these activities also expose our children to a significant risk of serious personal injury in a variety of ways.

Whenever pedestrian and motor vehicles are in close proximity with one another, there is a risk that a pedestrian accident may occur. This risk is particularly high for children, as their smaller size and unpredictable behavior may make them more difficult for drivers to see before a collision is imminent. In addition, trick-or-treating tends to happen in the evening hours and trick-or-treaters are often dressed in dark costumes, making visibility even more an issue.

According to a press release issued the Allstate Insurance Company, pedestrian accidents spike by 23 percent during Halloween week in Florida. While the reasons for this increase may be understandable, that fact does not absolve drivers of the legal duty to drive in a way that does not put others at an unreasonable risk of injury. Consequently, people who are injured in pedestrian accidents on Halloween in Florida may be able to recover for their injuries by filing a personal injury claim.

Pedestrian Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries to Children

Children who are struck by motor vehicles can sustain extremely serious injuries. In many cases, these injuries may require emergency medical treatment and have the potential to leave victims with long-term medical complications. Some of the more common injuries that are often sustained in Florida pedestrian accidents are discussed below.

  • Traumatic brain injuries – TBIs occur when a blow or jolt to the head causes a problem with normal brain function. These injuries can often occur in a motor vehicle accident, either as a result of the initial impact itself or because of a secondary impact between the victim and the ground or another object.
  • Soft tissue injuries – Soft tissue injuries include any injury to the body’s soft tissues, including lacerations, bruises, sprains, or strains. While these injuries are generally treatable, they can be extremely painful and have the potential to leave victims with significant scarring, which can have a negative effect on their emotional well-being.
  • Broken bones – Bone fractures are a very common injury sustained in pedestrian accidents, as the force involved is often easily enough to cause a break in the continuity of a victim’s bones. These injuries can be extremely painful and require significant medical treatment.

Of course, there are many other injuries that victims can sustain in pedestrian accidents. Anyone hit by a car or other motor vehicle should always seek medical attention immediately.

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Halloween pedestrian accidents can leave children and adults alike with serious injuries that may require intensive medical treatment. When these injuries result in serious losses or disabilities, victims are often able to recover substantial compensation. To schedule a consultation with an Ocala personal injury lawyer, call Piccin & Glynn today at 352-558-8480.