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Common Household Items can Cause Serious Injury

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Injuries caused by defective products can often result in a product liability action brought by an injured consumer. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that there were in excess of 38 million injuries related to consumer products during 2010. In cases where an injured consumer can establish that his or her injury was caused by defective product design, manufacture, or marketing, significant compensation may be obtained. For this reason, it is extremely important for the injured consumer to talk to an lawyer immediately.

Seemingly Harmless Items can Cause Serious Injury

Most of us use several consumer products each day without even thinking about it. From the toothbrush you use in the morning, the vehicle you drive to work, the mug in which you put your coffee, and the clothes that you wear, almost every item we use has been designed and manufactured by someone else in the stream of commerce. While the vast majority of our interactions with consumer products occur without incident, every day, people are injured in incidents in which a poorly manufactured consumer product causes a serious injury. Some of the seemingly benign products that can cause severe bodily injury include the following:

·         Space heaters·         Motor vehicles

·         Toys

·         Children’s clothing

·         Furniture

·         Building materials·         Cosmetics

·        Food

·         Carpets and rugs

·         Flooring materials

Importantly, it is not always clear that an accident was the result of a defective product, so injured victims should always have their case reviewed by an experienced lawyer. For example, a slip and fall accident that seemingly happened out of nowhere may have actually been the result of poorly designed or manufactured flooring, or a single vehicle auto accident may have been partially caused by a faulty anti-lock braking system or defective tire.

What should victims do immediately after an accident involving a consumer product?

People hurt in incidents involving consumer products should keep the product that caused their injury and seek medical attention immediately. In addition, it can be helpful to take detailed notes about the ways in which your injury affects you on a daily basis. These records may come in handy when attempting to establish damages in the event that your case becomes contested. It is important for victims to be aware of the fact that these kinds of cases are subject to Florida’s statute of limitations, so any delay could potentially result in the forfeiture of your right to recover.

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Anyone that has been hurt by a defective household product should contact an experienced lawyer immediately. In many cases, victims of injuries caused by consumer products are able to obtain significant compensation for their injuries. The kinds of losses that are often compensable in a Florida products liability case include medical expenses, lost income, loss of quality of life, and physical and emotional pain and suffering, as well as others. To schedule a free consultation with Ocala products liability lawyer John Piccin, call our office today at 352-558-8480.