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Ocala Jackknife Accidents can be Caused by Negligence

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A jackknife accident is a type of truck accident that occurs when the rear section, or trailer, of a semi-truck swings forward in an action resembling a folding knife. When jackknife accidents occur on Florida roadways, the consequences can be devastating. Often, the trailer of a truck that has jackknifed will travel perpendicularly to the flow of traffic, causing widespread damage and injuries. In addition, trucks that jackknife often lose their cargo, which can cause secondary injury and damage, particularly if the truck involved was carrying hazardous materials.

Jackknife Accidents can be the Result of Truck Driver Error

There are many reasons that a jackknife accident may occur, including those related to the mistake or carelessness of the person operating the truck. In these instances, people who are injured are often able to recover for their injuries by bringing an Ocala personal injury claim against the truck driver or the truck driver’s employer. Some examples of the kinds of truck driver error that can lead to jackknife accidents include the following:

●       Ignoring adverse weather or road conditions

●       Speeding

●       Overloaded cargo

●       Improperly secured cargo

●       Distracted driving

●       Failure to conduct an FMSCR mandated  vehicle inspection

●       Improper braking

●       Improper coupling device installation

●       Reckless driving

●       Taking turns too fast

After a truck accident, victims should be sure to document as much information about the way their accident occurred as possible. Some of the kinds of facts to make note of include the weather conditions at the time of the accident, the names of the drivers involved, any identifying markings on the vehicles involved, and contact information from anyone who may have witnessed the accident.

Do I Need to Hire an Lawyer?

It is highly advisable for anyone injured in a jackknife accident to retain an lawyer as soon as possible. Trucking companies are aware of the fact that they operate in a high-risk industry and are ready to aggressively defend claims made against them. In many cases, insurance companies will offer an injured victim a settlement that is far below the value of the claim hoping that the victim will quickly accept it. An experienced lawyer who is familiar with representing people injured in truck accidents and valuating truck accident claims can make sure that you receive the full and fair value of your legal claim.

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When people are injured in an accident involving large trucks, the injuries they sustain can often be catastrophic. In many cases, victims incur significant medical expenses and miss long periods of work because of these injuries, resulting in significant financial losses. Furthermore, people who are injured often experience substantial physical and emotional pain and suffering, which is recognized as a compensable noneconomic loss under Florida law. Lawyer John Piccin is dedicated to helping people hurt by the negligence of others recover for their injuries. To schedule a free consultation with an Ocala truck accident lawyer, call our office today at 352-558-8480.