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Proving Your Personal Injury Claim

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Regardless of the accident type, determining liability is a crucial part of all personal injury claims. Even when the negligence of one party appears clear, the individual filing the claim is responsible for supporting their case with verifiable evidence. After you are injured you must prove that the accident was directly caused by the other party or organization. In addition to providing proof regarding the cause of injuries, you must also prove that damages exist. Having evidence available expedites the process of proving your personal injury claim is valid.

Photographs and Videos

Presenting visual evidence is one of the best ways to prove that you were actually injured as a result of negligence. Pictures and videos provide indisputable evidence of the existence of your physical injuries or property loss. When using a digital camera use the date and time function to show when the images were captured. Take several photographs and videos of the injury, damages, and conditions that utilize different angles. The damage should be clearly visible and easily recognizable.

Statements from Witnesses

Independent witnesses are a valuable resource when it comes time to prove your personal injury claim has merit. The best witnesses are independent third parties who happened to witness the accident when it occurred. Other useful witnesses are medical personnel who provided emergency medical care, neighbors who witnessed difficulties the family had as a result of the accident, and coworkers who can verify income was lost.

At the time of the accident ask witnesses to provide written statements detailing what happened. The statement should be signed and dated after it is written. If they are unable to provide a written statement, ask if they are willing to have you record a video statement using a camera phone. Be sure to get their contact information in case the witness is needed later, and do not worry about having a statement notarized.

Documentation Showing Damages

Lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering are the primary reason people pursue personal injury claims. Without proof of financial losses, it is difficult to receive adequate compensation. The personal injury claim request must include actual damages that can be proven and calculated. Medical records verifying that injuries directly related to your accident occurred, hospital bills, receipts from medication purchases, therapy bills, and statements from work confirming that wages were lost are all forms of documentations that can be used to show that damages occurred.

When to Hire an Lawyer

After an accident that results in injury many adults are unsure about contacting an lawyer. It is commonly believed that straightforward accident claims can be handled without assistance. Unfortunately, experienced claims adjusters take advantage of people who are under a lot of pressure, injured, and eager to quickly settle a claim. Without proper advice it is easy to make a mistake, and one mistake could lead to your entire claim being dismissed.

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