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Rain is the Biggest Threat for Car Accidents in Florida

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The dusting of snow that hit some areas of northern Florida in early January 2018 created quite a stir, with some cities seeing white flakes for the first time in nearly 30 years. The buzz carried throughout various social media platforms, as well: The Tampa Bay Times reported on the #SnowInFlorida hashtag that had people reaching for their smartphones to post videos of snowmen and snow angels. However, the reality is that motorists in the Sunshine State are more likely to encounter rainy weather when traveling the roadways. Rain has implications for road surfaces, traffic flow, and vehicle operation, which increases the risk of auto collisions. Some general information and tips on how to protect your family from weather-related car accidents in Florida should be helpful.

Contributing Factors in Rain-Related Car Accidents 

Weather conditions are a threat for drivers for a number of reasons.

  • Traction: Wet roads are slippery, and even a light rain can create a hazard. A layer of water develops on the surface, which reduces tire traction. Your vehicle may slip when you attempt to turn or stop. Plus, when a driver is trying to avoid an accident, the vehicle does not respond as well as it does on a dry road.
  • Visibility: During the rainy season, you will often see vehicles pulled to the shoulders on I-75 as drivers wait out a downpour due to lack of visibility. Not only do the falling drops affect a driver’s view, but the drops hitting the pavement can splash up and distort the appearance of the road. Aged or broken windshield wipers may compound the problem, and there can be additional issues with windows fogging up in the rain.
  • Driving Skills: Inexperienced drivers can be a factor in rainy weather car crashes, because they have not developed skills to maneuver wet roads. Of course, even experienced drivers can be over-confident and cause accidents.

Safety Tips for Rainy Conditions 

A reminder on some basic tips for driving in the rain can help you avoid an accident, so:

  • Turn on your head lights;
  • Always use turn indicators;
  • Regularly check tires, windshield wipers, and other equipment;
  • Don’t use hazard lights unless you are stopped;
  • Drive at a speed appropriate for conditions, rather than the posted limit; and,
  • As always, wear your seatbelt.

Fault in Rainy Weather Crashes in Florida 

While rain may be a factor in any car accident, liability in comes down to the operator of the vehicle. An auto crash is typically the result of negligent acts by one or more drivers, who may ignore the above tips or other safety precautions. These motorists may be liable if the accident causes injuries.

Discuss Your Case with a Florida Car Accident Lawyer 

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