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Can I Still File a Florida Car Accident Claim if I Didn’t Get a Police Report?

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If you were injured in an Ocala, FL car accident, your mind is probably focused on the pain you are experiencing and whether anyone else was hurt. The top priority is your health and seeking proper medical care, so getting a police report may slip your mind. However, while useful in supporting your claim for compensation, this type of documentation is not absolutely critical. There are many other ways you can support your case under the Florida Evidence Code. Your car accident attorney can tell you more about the information that can support your claim for damages, but you may start gathering some records to do your part. 

Records Regarding Your Wages 

If you are unable to work due to your injuries, you may have a claim for the income you lose out on as you recover. Your pay stubs, cancelled pay checks, and tax records are useful for proving these damages. In addition, if you cannot return to your chosen occupation because of a temporary or permanent disability, these documents can be used to prove what you would have earned had you not been hurt. Loss of future earnings and business opportunities may be included in your claim for compensation. 

Medical Records 

You can recover for economic damages after a car accident, which include the out-of-pocket and readily calculable amounts you expend for medical care. Emergency procedures, surgery, rehabilitation, therapy, and long-term treatment add up. You will not need a police report regarding these damages because your medical records will contain all the relevant information, as will your invoices and/or receipts.

Plus, your medical records serve another purpose: Establishing your claim for pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and other non-economic damages. You will have documentation regarding: 

  • Diagnosis of your specific injuries;
  • The procedures necessary to help you recover, including those provided by your doctor and other specialists;
  • Any pain prescriptions;
  • Notes regarding your limitations and restrictions on activity; and,
  • Additional details noted by healthcare providers.

Witness Testimony 

Two types of witnesses may provide support for your case:

  • Eye Witnesses, who relate their own version of what happened in the accident; and,
  • Expert Witnesses that your car accident lawyer retains to help with technical details. Doctors, accident reconstruction experts, and other professionals bring their own experience and background to assist with proving facts regarding your claim.

Your Own Testimony 

Of course, you also have a say in your car accident claim and can testify regarding fault and the severity of your injuries. The first-hand experience you can provide goes a long way in telling a jury the extent to which your quality of life is affected. 

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