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Important Proof Required in an Ocala, FL Auto Accident

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As the victim of a car accident, you can only recover compensation from the responsible driver if you prove each element of a personal injury case. Therefore, gathering sufficient evidence is critical for your claim. You can obtain important information through investigation or by employing discovery tactics in Florida’s Rules of Civil Procedure. The evidence you collect generally falls into two categories depending on how it supports your case. Your Ocala, FL car accidents lawyer will take the lead on applying these details in your claim, but an overview may also be useful.

 Evidence Regarding Fault: Auto collisions usually occur because a driver was negligent, so proof of fault is essential. Your own statements on the accident serve this purpose, but could be viewed as self-serving. Other evidence may be more compelling, such as:

 Video Footage: Cameras may record video that captures the moments before and after the crash. Often, business owners install surveillance cameras for security. Some area municipalities use cameras to catch drivers running through a red light. From this footage, it may be obvious that the other driver was negligent.

 Traffic Citations: If police issued a ticket for traffic violations, these citations can be used to show that the responsible driver broke the law. On its own, a ticket does not show fault. However, a citation is an indication that the motorist disregards the safety of others.

 Eye Witnesses: Bystanders and occupants of other cars can be useful as eyewitnesses. They can describe what they saw or observed, which could establish fault.

  1. Evidence Related to Your Injuries: Even once you prove fault in a car accident claim, you must also show that you suffered losses because of your injuries. Information that you may present to establish this element includes:

Medical Records: Bills, doctor’s notes, diagnosis details, and treatments are all contained within your medical records. They show the care you received, so these documents are direct proof of your injuries.

 Pay Records: If you missed work because of your injuries, your pay stubs, cancelled checks, and tax records are important for establishing lost wages. You are entitled to these damages, regardless of whether you are an hourly or salaried employee.

 Expert Witnesses: You can recover for the pain and suffering you endure from your injuries, but this type of damages is highly subjective. Personal injury lawyers often rely on medical experts to help support your claim for these losses. Even if he or she did not treat you, a doctor can review your medical records, and offer a credible opinion on the level of pain and suffering you experience.

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