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Burn Injuries and Defective Products

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There are often news reports regarding the horrific injuries that victims sustain due to dangerous, defective products that make their way to Florida homes. Unfortunately, burns are among the most devastating injuries. The physical pain is agonizing, but scarring and disfigurement can be long-term or permanent. Victims often experience emotional trauma due to their appearance, leading to depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is tasked with administrative oversight regarding manufacturers, developers, shippers, and other companies involved with putting defective products in stores, but the agency has no power to assist victims with their losses.

Still, it is possible to seek compensation for burn injuries due to defective products. By pursuing manufacturers and other potentially liable parties, you can recover for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and related losses. A skilled Florida products liability attorney can explain your options. It may also be useful to review sources and classifications of burns from defective products.

How People Suffer Burn Injuries from Defective Products 

There is a multitude of consumer products in use in Florida households, so the potential sources for burns is massive. Victims may suffer burn injuries when there are defects in:

  • Large kitchen appliances, such as stove tops and ovens;
  • Small appliances, including microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, indoor grills, air fryers, and others;
  • Electronics, ranging from cell phones and tablets to video games, controllers, and chargers;
  • Hoverboards and other children’s toys;
  • Any device that plugs into a wall or contains a battery;
  • Outdoor appliances, such as grills, pizza ovens, turkey fryers, and firepits; and,
  • Many other types of household and consumer goods. 

Classification of Burn Injuries 

The health care industry has a classification system for burn injuries, ranging from least to most serious: 

  • First-degree burns, which are minor and only affect the outer layer of skin, the epidermis;
  • Second-degree burn injuries, where the burn may penetrate further into the skin to affect both epidermis and dermis underneath; and,
  • Third-degree burns, which require extensive medical care. The epidermis is typically consumed by the burn, leaving the dermis damaged and charred.

Many first-degree burns are treatable with home remedies and pain medications. Though painful, the victim will usually recover in a short period of time. As the burns increase in severity, medical care is necessary through prescription medications, ointments, and other treatment. Skin graft surgery is typically required for most third-degree burns, where healthy skin is transplanted from one area to the affected part of the body. Plastic and reconstructive surgery may also be necessary for burns to the face and neck.

Schedule a Consultation with a Knowledgeable Florida Defective Products Attorney 

If you or a loved one sustained burn injuries and a defective product is to blame, you should discuss your legal options with an experienced product liability lawyer. John Piccin spent several of his early practice years as a member of the General Motors Corporation Legal Staff, defending product liability cases throughout the U.S. At Piccin & Glynn our team is relentless in pursuing manufacturers and other companies that should be held accountable for defective product injuries. Please contact our Ocala, FL office at 352-558-8480 or via our website to set up a free appointment today.