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Checklist for Filing an Insurance Claim After a Florida Car Accident

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If you were hurt in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault, you probably have a lot of questions about what to do next and how to file a claim. The process is far from easy, but it’s helpful to use a checklist for guidance, especially considering the time constraints: Florida has a four-year statute of limitations on car accident cases. The first task on the list is to retain an Ocala, FL car accidents attorney who will walk you through the remaining steps and protect your interests throughout the process. Still, it’s important to become familiar with additional items.

Notify Insurance Companies 

You should first contact your insurer to provide basic details regarding the accident and get the proper forms for filing a claim. Avoid offering too much information and don’t make any recorded statements about the incident.

Collect Essential Documentation and File the Claim 

Much of the claims form is relatively straightforward, but you’ll need to include supporting documents regarding fault and the nature of your injuries. As such, you may need to do some investigation to get the evidence an insurer will want to process your claim. You’ve probably already taken pictures of the scene of the accident, your vehicle, your injuries, and other essential details. You’ll need to include these images and any other information that shows that the other driver was at fault.

To prove your injuries, contact your doctor and any other treating physicians to get copies of your medical records. It’s also helpful to have payroll information if you miss work because of your injuries.

Consider Your Next Steps 

The litigation process is complex, so – if you haven’t already spoken to a lawyer – now is the time to retain legal counsel to represent your interests.

A Knowledgeable Ocala, FL Auto Accidents Attorney Can Assist with Claims 

Please contact Piccin & Glynn for answers to any question you may have. You can set up a no-cost consultation by calling our office at 352-558-8480 or going online at www.ocalapersonalinjury.Iaw. Our Ocala, FL auto collision lawyers can walk you through the requirements and help gather evidence, and we’ll advocate on your behalf throughout the claims process.