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What To Do After a Multi-Vehicle Auto Accident in Florida

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You may be generally aware of Florida’s statute on comparative fault and how it could reduce the amount of compensation for a car accident victim if that person’s own negligence contributed to the collision. The concept also arises in the context of multi-vehicle accidents, although in a different way. The default rule on comparative fault is that the amount of compensation a victim can recover is proportional to his or her fault.

Regardless of whether there are more than two drivers and vehicles involved, blame for the accident must add up to 100 percent. Therefore, there are complicated legal issues involved with comparative fault when there are several drivers who could potentially be to blame for the incident. If you were hurt in a multi-vehicle crash, retaining a Florida car accidents lawyer is essential to ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. Still, you may find it useful to review some basic information regarding these claims.

What To Do After a Multi-Vehicle Auto Accident: Some of the steps to take apply to victims hurt in any type of car crash, while others are specific to multi-vehicle collisions with multiple potential parties. To protect your rights, follow these tips on what to do and NOT do:

  • Call 911: If you’re physically able to do so, dial 911 and inform officials about the accident. Police and first responders will arrive on the scene and file a crash report, which is particularly valuable as evidence in a multi-vehicle collision.
  • Seek Proper Medical Care: Depending on the nature of your injuries, you may need to be transported by ambulance or head directly to the emergency room. For less serious bodily harm, visit an urgent care center to receive same-day treatment.
  • Exchange Contact Information: Make sure to get contact information and insurance details from every driver, even those claiming they weren’t at fault.
  • Document the Crash Site: Use your smartphone to capture images and video at the accident scene. Include pictures of the intersection, traffic signals, weather conditions, and all vehicles.
  • Do Not Admit Fault: Beyond exchanging contact and insurance information, avoid conversation with other motorists involved in a multi-vehicle crash. You may accidentally admit to fault or make statements that could affect your right to compensation.
  • Talk to Witnesses: Because apportioning blame is critical in a multi-vehicle accident, you gain support for your position if you can get input from someone who saw what happened. Scan the area for witnesses and get their contact information, if possible. 

Consult with a Skilled Florida Car Accidents Attorney About Multi-Vehicle Collisions 

Getting hurt in an auto collision is unfortunate, but liability issues can be even more challenging in multi-vehicle crashes when motorists are pointing fingers at everyone else. Don’t put your right to compensation at risk by attempting to represent yourself in such a case. For assistance with your claim, please call the Ocala car accidents lawyers at  Piccin & Glynn by calling 352-558-8480 or visiting us online. We can schedule a free consultation at our Ocala, FL office to discuss your circumstances.