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When the At-Fault Driver Won’t Use Insurance for a Florida Car Accident

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Many people have been tempted to resolve a car accident matter without getting insurance companies involved, especially when the crash only resulted in property damage to a vehicle. The problem is that this approach presents grave implications for your rights, issues you may not consider when the other driver has a wallet out and is willing to pay on the spot. An Ocala car insurance attorney can explain, but an overview will help you understand the pitfalls.

Why the Responsible Driver Might Want to Refrain from Using Insurance: There are multiple reasons a motorist may refuse to provide insurance information or suggest that you not get insurance companies involved. The top two are financial in nature, including:

  1. Increased Insurance Rates: When an insurer is forced to pay out damages as a result of an accident, the company may increase insurance premiums or make other changes to the policyholder’s terms. To avoid this scenario, the at-fault motorist may offer to pay out-of-pocket to fix your car – or even cover your medical treatment.
  2. The Driver is Uninsured: In some auto collisions, the motorist may not carry car insurance at all. This is against the law, as the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles establishes minimum auto insurance coverage thresholds. The responsible driver may have to pay a fine or face other consequences for a violation of these regulations.

A non-financial reason to avoid using insurance is that it’s just a hassle – and you may even agree with this point of view. However, there are legal ramifications for not getting insurers involved, even if the other motorist offers to pay for all damages. You could risk being undercompensated for your losses or – worse – that person may go back on his or her word.

Take Action When the At-Fault Motorist Refuses to Provide Insurance Information: When your request to exchange insurance details is met with refusal, it’s important that you take certain steps to protect your rights. They include:

  • Call the police, if you haven’t already. Officers will be more forceful in getting the motorist to provide insurance information.
  • Don’t let the situation dissuade you from seeking medical attention for your injuries. There are ways to deal with insurance and get the details you need after you take care of your health.
  • You should also do what you normally would in the immediate aftermath of a crash, so take pictures and talk to witnesses.
  • Contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney has knowledge of the laws and experience with insurance matters, and will handle the rest of the claims filing process.

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