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Drivers react more slowly using CarPlay than when texting

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Technology, ranging from smartphones to infotainment systems, is a source of distraction for many drivers in Florida. In its effort to reduce distraction as well as make driving more fun, Apple introduced its CarPlay system back in 2014. CarPlay allows drivers to use their iPhone as part of an infotainment system, eliminating any need to handle the phone. It sounds safe, but one study has revealed the device’s real effect on drivers.

The safety charity IAM RoadSmart conducted the study, which involved 40 drivers in a simulated driving course. Half used CarPlay while the other half used the Android Auto. It turns out that CarPlay made drivers distracted and slow to react to various stimuli during the simulation. Reaction times were 57% slower when drivers used CarPlay’s touch controls and 36% slower when using voice assist to carry out tasks. This makes CarPlay use more dangerous than other forms of distracted or impaired driving. For example, texting increases drivers’ reaction times by 35%, hands-free phone use by 27% and marijuana use by 21%.

Researchers believe that Apple can do more to enhance CarPlay’s safety, especially considering the tech giant has features on its phones that can detect when they are in a moving vehicle. IAM RoadSmart also recommends giving star ratings to measure the ability of new tech to distract.

When there are motor vehicle accidents due to distraction, those who are injured through little or no fault of their own may be reimbursed for their losses. There are restrictions on who can file a third-party insurance claim since Florida is a no-fault state, which is one reason why victims may want a lawyer to assess their case. If they have grounds for such a claim, victims may strive for a settlement, all negotiations being handled by their lawyer.