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How some car crash injuries appear after a delay

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Florida residents who were involved in a car crash may have found that some of their injuries appeared only after a delay of several days or weeks. This often happens, and the following are some of the symptoms that can alert victims to the presence of a delayed injury.

Neck and shoulder pain is usually a sign of whiplash, especially when combined with lower back pain. It could also indicate a herniated disc. When a herniated disc pinches or pushes against a nerve, victims may feel tingling and numbness in their back along with pain. Back pain by itself may point to a sprain or a soft-tissue injury.

There are numerous cases where crash victims experience trauma to the abdomen. This may become apparent days later when victims suffer abdominal pain and notice that the affected area is bruised. If trauma ruptured one of their internal organs, victims will need immediate treatment. Also, they may begin to have headaches, which can signify whiplash, a concussion, a blood clot or a neck injury.

Headaches are one symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder: something that auto accident victims commonly develop. Depression and anxiety are also not uncommon and are often related to disfigurement caused by injuries. Additionally, those with a brain injury may undergo personality changes.

Victims of motor vehicle crashes who are able to pursue a third-party insurance claim in this no-fault state may want an attorney on their case. In the meantime, they may wait until they reach maximum medical improvement so that they have a clear idea of all the injuries that arose from the crash. The attorney might help by hiring third-party investigators to gather proof of the other side’s negligence and by working to negotiate for a fair settlement.