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How to handle an insurance claim

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Car Accidents |

After a Florida accident, injured motorists are working to recover at the same time that they have to deal with an insurance company. This can induce a lot of stress as the insurance company is not trying to pay out top dollar for the claim. Accordingly, a claimant will need to negotiate with the insurance company if they want to receive adequate payment.

There are several things that a person can do in order to improve their negotiating position. The first is to be as informed as possible because the insurance company is counting on the fact that it has detailed knowledge of the claim’s value. This includes knowing the exact value of the car and all of the elements of the claim. By doing their research, a claimant would be able to know whether the insurance company is trying to take them for a figurative ride.

The second thing that someone can do is point out to the insurance company the multitude of ways that it is undervaluing the claim. A person does not need to take the insurance adjuster’s word for it because the adjuster is the first line of defense for the company. The claimant should counter with a settlement offer of their own in writing, leaving themselves some room for negotiation. The written offer should fully document the claim and the reasons behind each of the elements.

One way to better deal with an insurance company is to hire a personal injury attorney. This might help neutralize the information advantage that the insurance has and assist a claimant in knowing exactly how much a claim is worth. The attorney may handle much of the hard work of the claim, including the settlement negotiations, at a time when a person is injured and working hard to recover from the accident.