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Truckers who consume more caffeine likelier to crash

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Car Accidents |

You were hit by a large truck while driving home, and now you’re dealing with serious injuries that prevent you from supporting your family. Truck accidents are not rare in Florida, and many times, it’s the truck driver who’s at fault. This is likely the case with you, which means you can be eligible for compensation.

Truck drivers and caffeine

With the long hours that truckers work, it’s not surprising that they often endanger themselves and others by driving drowsy. Some will consume many caffeinated beverages to fight against this, and while this may provide a short boost of attention, it becomes harmful in the long run. This was the conclusion of one recent study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transport Institute.

The study involved 3,007 truckers from eight different states who fit into one of two categories: those who consume one caffeinated beverage a day and those who consume more than five per day. Researchers had these truckers fill out a questionnaire, assuring them that their answers would not be shared with their employers.

More caffeine may mean more crashes

One of the questions was whether truckers had been in an accident in the past three years. Of the high caffeine drinkers, 27.8% said yes compared to 21.6% among the low caffeine drinkers. Moreover, the high caffeine drinkers admitted to having poor overall health. Many of them:

• Had an unhealthy diet
• Slept poorly
• Smoked or drank excessively

While researchers cannot absolutely link high caffeine consumption with increased crash risk, the evidence for the link is apparent. Future studies could get into more detail and take certain variables into account, such as the differing caffeine levels in each beverage or the varying intake levels between work days and days off.

Legal assistance with your insurance claim

Many victims of motor vehicle crashes can have their losses covered through personal injury protection. Your injuries, though, may be so severe that PIP won’t cover them. You may want to hire a lawyer for the personal attention your case needs. The lawyer may help you strive for a settlement with the trucking company.