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Avoiding the most common motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Motorcyclists in Florida who are liable to put safety concerns aside should know about the most common types of motorcycle accidents. Many of these can, after all, end in death. First, one should know that among collisions between motorcycles and motor vehicles, 40% involve a left turn, usually at an intersection. Motorcyclists should never speed up at an intersection but rather cover their brake in case the other driver is distracted.

Rear-end collisions are also common, even when motorcyclists are on the highway, so the best thing to do is to continually check the mirrors, get out of the way of tailgating drivers and create a “crumple zone” when stopped behind a vehicle. Third, motorcyclists often crash because of hazards on the road like mud, water, oil and leaves. Motorcyclists should know that these hazards can be prominent in the countryside.

When approaching bends, motorcyclists, like drivers, are liable to take the turn too fast. Another major cause of accidents is a car door carelessly thrown open. Motorcyclists can avoid such collisions if they slow down.

Some other serious factors in motorcycle crashes include alcohol intoxication and the failure to maintain one’s motorcycle. Maintenance is essential; in particular, motorcyclists will want to ensure that the tires are inflated and the drive chain adjusted.

When motor vehicle crashes involve motorcyclists, the serious injuries are usually seen on the side of the motorcyclists. Those who were not to blame for their injuries and whose losses cannot be covered by their own insurance company may think about pursuing a third-party claim. If injured motorcyclists pursue one with legal assistance, they might receive a reasonable settlement out of court. A lawyer may help build up the case with evidence gathered by third-party investigators.