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Motor vehicle accidents with trucks could be caffeine-related

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Large trucks seem to be a constant on Florida roadways. While there are fundamental risks on the road with truckers, especially distraction, drowsiness, speeding and recklessness, there are other factors when it comes to safety. One belief about truckers is that they consume coffee and other caffeinated drinks to stay alert and drive for extended periods. A recent study suggests that this might contribute to truck crashes for drivers who drink significant amounts of caffeine.

Given current events, this research may be important. Truckers who are delivering items deemed essential are exempt from the hours-of-service regulations meant to keep drivers from staying on the road too long for one stretch. In the study, researchers analyzed truckers who drank at least five cups of coffee or other caffeinated drinks per day and compared their accident rates to drivers who had one cup per day. Those who drank higher amounts had 6% more accidents in the prior three years.

Approximately 3,000 drivers were surveyed. While caffeine is believed to have been a potential factor, there are other possible reasons for heavier caffeine users having a higher number of accidents. Drivers who drank high amounts of caffeine also had worse overall health, slept poorly, consumed greater amounts of alcohol and had worse diets. Nearly 28% of high coffee drinkers had an accident in the prior three years and 21.6% of low coffee drinkers had an accident in that same time frame, but it does not necessarily mean there is a link between caffeine intake and crash likelihood. Still, it is something to consider when there is a truck crash and people are injured or lose their lives.

There can be differences in the amount of caffeine in a certain drink, and these numbers would need more study to come to a definite conclusion. However, this is just one potential factor in motor vehicle accidents that could be important when seeking compensation. An attentive and experienced legal professional may be able to assist with a legal filing for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, funeral costs and more.