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Sleepy drivers, rolling stops among top causes of accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in Florida might be interested in learning why the accidents that slow down their morning and afternoon commutes occur. Many people assume accidents are the fault of a careless or distracted driver. While this may be the case, researchers wanted to learn more. By using previous crash data, naturalistic driving studies and dash cams, experts have been able to learn the most common causes of auto accidents.

Almost 21% of all fatal car accidents are caused by a drowsy individual who fell asleep behind the wheel. Since it can be hard to gauge sleepiness, it is easy for drivers to get comfortable and fall asleep while driving. Rolling stops at red lights is another common cause of accidents. Drivers may slow down without coming to a complete stop at a red light and hit a cyclist or pedestrian while turning right.

Aggressive drivers who quickly change lanes or make sharp turns may lose control of their vehicles, causing an estimated 11% of auto accidents. Blind spots are also a concern as many drivers turn or change lanes without having a clear view of the road and hit another vehicle. Experts urge that drivers slow down, pay attention, and stay alert and attentive while driving to prevent accidents from occurring.

One of the most common reasons personal injury lawyers file civil suits is due to injuries and fatalities from auto accidents. Many insurance companies don’t provide enough compensation for adequate medical care and time off from work during recovery. This is why many accident victims choose to file a claim. If the driver behaved negligently, medical and compensatory damages may be awarded. For example, someone who fell asleep behind the wheel might have been negligent by not getting enough sleep. A civil claim could be filed in this case, and if the negligence can be proven, damages may be awarded to the injured parties.