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Why Florida drivers need underinsured auto insurance

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2020 | Car Accidents |

As a driver in the state of Florida, you’re required by law to carry the minimum amount of car insurance coverage.

And while you may have what you need by law, that doesn’t mean you have enough coverage. For example, you should also purchase underinsured motorist coverage.

As the name suggests, underinsured motorist coverage kicks in to pay for expenses if you’re involved in an accident with an underinsured driver.

Note: Most car insurance companies bundle underinsured motorist coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. This gives you protection if a driver has no insurance at all (it happens even though it’s against the law).

What does the word “underinsured” mean?

This varies from state to state, but there are a few things that hold true across the country:

  • An underinsured driver has auto liability insurance
  • Their liability limits are not high enough to coverage damages in the event of an accident
  • Their liability limits are less than or the same amount as your underinsured motorist coverage limit

Do you need it? Do you have it?

Since underinsured motorist coverage is not required by law, many people opt against it. And here’s why: They’re looking for a way to save money on their insurance coverage.

You’re taking a risk if you don’t have underinsured motorist coverage, as you never know what will happen when you take to the road.

The answer to the question of whether or not you need underinsured motorist coverage is simple: It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Yes, you want to save money, but at the same time you have to protect your future. If you don’t have underinsured motorist coverage and you’re involved in an accident with someone who only has minimum coverage, you could find yourself in a compromising position. That’s especially true if you’ve suffered extensive damages and severe injuries in the accident.

There are many ways you can better protect yourself as a driver, and underinsured motorist coverage is a good place to start. When you have this, you’ll feel much more confident every time you hit the road. You hope you never have to file a car insurance claim, but the time may come.