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Injuries range from mild to severe in an accident

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Car Accidents |

A motorcyclist in Florida has very little protection against serious injuries or worse when struck by a large vehicle. Trucks and SUVs are especially dangerous due to their relative height and weight compared to that of a motorcycle. Trucks and SUVs also tend to strike motorcyclists at or above their respective centers of gravity. That adds up to serious injuries and worse for many bikers every day of the riding year.

Head and brain injuries often have lasting effects

Short of death, among the most serious injuries a motorcyclist or car driver might suffer are head and brain injuries. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can affect every aspect of your life and even change your personality. It has a massive impact on your ability to learn and retain information as well as to perform simple manual tasks. Whenever suffering a potential TBI injury, an MRI can help to locate and document the extent of the injury. Your medical doctor can better determine its current and future effects.

Neck and facial injuries can prove costly

If you are like a lot of riders and use a half helmet while riding on hot humid days, you run a greater risk of suffering facial and neck injuries. Facial injuries might include permanent scarring and require significant reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic surgery. Potential neck injuries include whiplash or worse and might require surgery to help correct. The related pain might last a lifetime.

Broken bones and soft tissue injuries cause significant pain

The blunt force of an SUV striking a motorcyclist can lead to massive blunt-force trauma injuries including broken bones, torn tendons and ligaments and other soft tissue damage. Broken bones might be simple to heal or require extensive surgery and still never enable a full recovery. The pain often is excruciating and requires proper compensation for pain and suffering. An experienced Florida personal injury attorney can be a strong ally in helping you to make the strongest claim and get the best compensation.