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How can motorcyclists take action after being hit by a car?

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Riding a motorcycle could be a fun and adventurous pursuit. Yes, many Florida residents use their motorcycles to commute to work or run errands, as well. Whether riding for relaxation or a purpose, risks exist. Anyone who takes to the road could end up in an accident, but motorcyclists may need to take extra cautions. A motorcyclist runs the risk of suffering severe injuries in a mishap. If such a catastrophe happens, what legal remedies could a motorcyclist pursue?

Dangers, injuries and motorcycle safety

Imagine two similar scenarios; one involves a truck and the other a motorcycle. A small car rear-ends a pickup truck and causes a costly dent. However, the same make and model vehicle traveling at the same speed hits a motorcycle. The motorcyclist flies off the bike and suffers a traumatic brain injury. Such an example illustrates the lack of physical protection available when riding a bike.

A motorcyclist still retains the option to file a lawsuit or an insurance claim against a negligent driver. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist may suffer more significant injuries than a driver in a vehicle involved in a similar accident.

Motorcyclists may find themselves tasked with being more defensive on the road. Left-turning vehicles, objects in the road, rear-end collisions, locked front brakes and even moving violations from riding companions could lead to accidents. In the aftermath of an accident, exploring compensation options may be necessary.

Actions a motorcyclist may take after an accident

Florida offers no-fault Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, and motorcyclists may find this coverage valuable. Filing a PIP claim could allow an injured motorcyclist to recover medical expenses and lost wages, with the amount depending on losses and policy limits.

An injured motorcyclist may file a PIP claim and liability claim or lawsuit if severely injured due to negligence. Again, considering the lack of protection a motorcycle provides, the chances for severe injuries could be significant.

Dealing with insurance companies might prove challenging for the accident victim. Turning settlement negotiations over to a personal injury attorney could prove advisable. An attorney may also offer advice on the feasibility of filing a lawsuit in addition to the insurance claim.