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Was 2020 a year of dangerous driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in Florida may worry about their safety on the road because collisions can result in a totaled vehicle, injuries and even death. Incredibly, 2020 saw a high number of fatalities despite fewer being drivers on the road. Such information may give commuters a warning about the importance of defensive driving.

The year did not see a reduction in driving deaths

The National Safety Council reports sobering figures about 2020’s motor vehicle fatalities. The number of fatalities increased by a surprising 8% over the previous year even with a decrease in drivers on the road.

Sometimes, driving conditions do not lead to the expected results. Having fewer cars on the road does not automatically mean the chances of a collision decrease since people’s driving behaviors factor into potential car accidents. When the vast majority of drivers handle vehicles safely, the risk may decrease, but reckless driving among a smaller number of drivers could lead to disasters. Perhaps that is what happened in 2020.

Risk and liabilities on the road

With fewer vehicles on the road, some drivers may decide to take advantage of the situation by driving recklessly. Speeding or committing other moving violations may appear tempting on an “open road.” Even if it’s tempting, the practice is dangerous.

Distracted driving may become a problem, too. If a person doesn’t see anyone on the road, they might not worry about the dangers of texting and driving, leading to an accident.

Who’s responsible for a car accident?

Drivers can be negligent regardless of the road conditions. For example, driving recklessly even when fewer cars appear on the road is still reckless. Negligent behavior can leave someone liable for any accidents they cause.

Individuals hurt in motor vehicle accidents may want to speak to an attorney. A legal professional may assist car accident victims with insurance claims or litigation.