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Are smarter cars leading to more accidents?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Headlines in newspapers are popping up in Florida and other states showcasing just how dangerous new technology features are in cars. Just recently, one automatic car slammed into a cop car as the driver was distracted by watching a movie. It seems that more and more, our common sense about safe driving is being swayed in the wrong direction by new car technology.

Automation-equipped cars

Vehicle technology has come a long way. What started as power-steering and automatic emergency braking (AEB) has now turned into autopilot cars. These vehicles are being constructed with the latest technology that essentially allows the driver to play the role of supervisor of the vehicle. However, these new cars are creating an increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents that occur.

AI can’t yet replace human common sense

While AI can do some amazing things, it can’t replace human judgment. It can be simple for a vehicle to maneuver down the roadway without interruption. However, when uncommon circumstances arise, these autopilot vehicles don’t have the element of common sense to use during their reaction. Instances like a pop-up pedestrian or an accident blocking the roadway are not accounted for in the AI in these autopilot cars. Therefore, these vehicles don’t react to avoid the situation like a human driver naturally would.

Getting overly comfortable is a leading cause of accidents

Those who purchase autopilot cars are very likely to be active in the driving process during the first few weeks. However, studies have shown that drivers tend to become overly trusting of the car’s technology. After the first few weeks, they spend less time supervising and more time performing personal tasks that distract them from the wheel. This lack of supervision is what is allowing unexpected roadway instances to turn into auto accidents because the car doesn’t know how to react.

While smarter cars can make life more convenient, they’re not a replacement for human interaction. Unfortunately, more and more autopilot owners are spending less time supervising their vehicles and more time being distracted behind the wheel. Only time will tell if the proper knowledge about these incidents will cause autopilot owners to pay more attention when behind the wheel.