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How lane-keeping technology puts bicyclists at risk

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

In recent years, more motor vehicles in Florida and around the country have been outfitted with lane-keeping technology. This technology uses cameras and sensors to aid in preventing a vehicle from drifting out of a lane of traffic. While there certainly are benefits associated with this type of technology, it presents risks as well.

How lane-keeping technology raises the risk for bicyclists

Lane-keeping technology contributes to pedestrian and bicycle accidents in a number of different ways. Chief among them is the very nature of this safety feature: The technology maintains a lane by focusing on white lines. These include lines that might be found dividing lanes, at the sides of lanes and in crosswalks.

The reality of 21st-century driving and biking is that motor vehicles often share the same lanes with bicyclists and even pedestrians. As a result of lane-keeping systems, the presence of bicyclists might not be detected. When drivers heavily rely on these systems, they might not carefully look before switching lanes. As a consequence, accidents can and do occur.

Safety technology doesn’t eliminate the role of a driver

Many drivers exaggerate the role played by safety technologies installed on motor vehicles. In the grand scheme of things, if safety features like lane-keeping systems are used properly, they do enhance rather than degrade the overall safety of motor vehicle operation. However, drivers must not be negligent in overly relying on them.

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