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City hazards causing pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

Walking and bicycling are everyday occurrences in Florida communities of all sizes. Because of the typically warm weather all year around, many bicycle enthusiasts are on the streets regularly, and it is often much easier to negotiate getting from one place to another in urban areas by taking public transportation that will also include walking to certain destinations. This is daily life within the state. However, it is also a very dangerous scenario for some when conditions are bad or traffic is congested.

Factors leading to accidents

There are several factors for inner cities leading to causation of pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Many accidents happen when a pedestrian ventures onto the roadway when crossing the street out of crosswalk areas or fails to let a vehicle turn before walking. While pedestrians do typically have the right of way, it is also generally dependent on where they are walking at the time of the incident. The same is also true for bicyclists. Distracted driving is also a very common element of an accident evaluation, and especially cellphone use in slow-speed situations.

City infrastructure dangers

Not all pedestrian accidents happen due to faulty human behavior. Sometimes accidents can be contributed significantly to topographical features that produce poor visibility. Additionally, dysfunctional traffic lights and bad road conditions can contribute to accident causation as well, and especially when walkers trip or a biker hits a pothole while in transit. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents lawyers in Florida see this type of case on a regular basis and understand the associated problems all too well.

Floridians and visitors to the Sunshine State alike should always exercise extreme caution when traveling on foot or bicycling around any local community. Hazards abound in many ways.