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Do mechanical issues cause truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2021 | Truck accidents |

Without the trucking industry, Florida’s access to goods, fuel and other essential items would suffer. Unfortunately, not every trucking assignment goes smoothly, and accidents happen. Distracted and fatigued driving rank among the top reasons for collisions, but poor truck maintenance is another common factor.

The job comes with responsibilities

The enormous size of commercial trucks contributes significantly to the potential damage they may inflict. Several tons of moving machinery could crush a smaller vehicle as well as oversized models such as SUVs. Drivers unable to maintain control of the truck might cause massive multi-car collisions that result in numerous injuries. Hence, truck drivers have significant responsibilities on their shoulders, and those responsibilities extend beyond safe driving practices. Making sure the truck is in good shape for the road is essential.

Not every mechanical issue ends with a controlled breakdown where a truck driver stops the vehicle on the shoulder. If brakes fail, a truck could crash. Tires might suffer from a blowout, possibly leading to a collision. Various other mechanical issues could lead to a catastrophe, which is why trucks benefit from consistent inspections and service.

Trucking companies and drivers may be at fault

When a person or company knows about mechanical problems but keeps a truck on the road anyway, they could be liable for any resulting commercial vehicle accidents. Often, truck drivers receive the blame, but they might not always be liable. A trucking company’s management and other employees could be responsible.

Hopefully, all negligent parties carry the appropriate insurance. Business liability and commercial auto insurance are two types of policies that may cover negligence.

A personal injury attorney may examine a truck accident case to determine who is likely at fault. The attorney may then advise injured victims on the next steps to take in pursuing compensation from an insurance company.