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Prevent accidents from blind spots

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Car Accidents |

In Florida and around the country, many accidents happen when drivers are unable to see other cars or motorcycles in their blind spots. When people drive or ride cars or motorcycles in blind spots, they have a higher risk of being involved in collisions. Drivers cannot see other vehicles in specific areas around their vehicles because of how their cars are made. Understanding where the blind spots around other vehicles are located might help people to prevent these types of collisions.

What are blind spots?

Blind spots are areas around a motor vehicle in which a driver cannot see other vehicles. The sizes of blind spots differ. For example, large commercial trucks have blind spots on all four sides. On the left, the blind spot extends across one entire lane while on the right, the blind spot extends across two full lanes. Trucks also have blind spots extending well behind their vehicles and also in front. Smaller vehicles also have blind spots, and others traveling around them should remain aware of blind spots and strive to avoid driving in them for long distances.

Preventing blind spot accidents

There are several things that motorists can do to prevent blind spot motor vehicle collisions. As a general rule, a motorist cannot see you unless you can also see that person’s face in their side mirror. When you are traveling behind a truck, you should remain far enough back to see the driver’s side mirror. If you cannot see the mirror, the driver also cannot see you. When pulling out to pass, you should always pass on the left of the larger vehicle and never pass on the right. You also should not travel in the blind spot of another vehicle for a long period and should instead pass him or her quickly. When re-entering the lane after passing, make sure to give the other vehicle plenty of room.

Like other types of motor vehicle accidents, blind spot accidents can be avoidable. People should always exercise caution when they drive and take care to avoid driving in the blind spots of other vehicles. By doing so, people might be able to reduce the risk of being involved in serious collisions.