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Are electric cars as safe as gaspowered vehicles?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Car Accidents |

There are over 1 million electric cars on the road in the U.S. today, compared to more than 275 million gas-powered cars. Many commercial vehicles run on natural gas or diesel as well. Most drivers in Florida and across the country are still not very familiar with electric cars. They don’t quite understand how convenient or safe they are. In fact, the evidence shows that electric cars are just as safe as vehicles with combustion engines.

Are electric shocks a risk?

Some drivers worry that electric cars could deliver a nasty electric shock to the driver or occupants. Researchers, manufacturers, and insurance companies have found that there’s no actual risk of this. Although electric cars do require high voltages to run, they are safe even when they’re wet from rain or after going through the car wash.

What about collisions?

Even when they’re involved in motor vehicle crashes, electric cars have a comparable safety rating with gas-powered ones. In fact, some electric cars have achieved the highest possible safety rating in European markets. The batteries in electric cars are positioned carefully to ensure that they’re as protected as possible during any impacts.

What about fires?

Should the battery catch fire, it is important to get safely away, call 911 and get help from the fire department. Fighting an electric car battery fire can require specialized training, and in some cases, a fire can even re-ignite. They develop differently than gas fires, and they’re extinguished differently, too. However, there are strategies to prevent injury to drivers, passengers, and first responders. In many cities, firefighters receive special training in dealing with electric car fires.