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Could a pedestrian be at fault for a bicycle accident?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents |

Bicyclists need to look out for pedestrians when riding their bikes, or they risk an accident. Pedestrians walking around on a sunny Florida day shouldn’t overlook their responsibilities to stay safe either. Yes, pedestrians could be the ones at fault for a bike or car accident, too. Anyone walking, jogging, or running can benefit from the following safety tips to avoid potential collisions with bicycle enthusiasts.

Pedestrian safety around bicyclists

Some pedestrian safety steps involve little more than using common sense, such as not walking or jogging in a bike lane. Sticking to the sidewalk and avoiding the street is a wise plan.

Traffic rules exist for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike. Crossing at an intersection on a green light may be much safer than jaywalking. Following the rules tends to keep everyone safer.

Listening to music could make a walk more engaging, but those earbuds may tune out a pedestrian’s attention from the environment. Anything that takes away from concentration increases the chances of a mishap.

In addition, wandering around under the influence of drugs or alcohol dulls perceptions and reactions. Anyone wishing to avoid an accident should remain sober when walking.

Pedestrians and negligence

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents may lead to negligence lawsuits, and the bicycle rider might not be the person at fault. Someone who darts out into the street without looking to the right or left may be responsible for their own injury. A jaywalker who recklessly runs into a bike lane could get hit by a cyclist. The bicyclist may even fall off the bike and suffer a severe injury.

When negligence points to the pedestrian, that person may be liable for any injuries. Sometimes, both parties share the blame. It’s important to pay attention not just to cars out on the road but to fellow pedestrians and cyclists as well.