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How long do truck accidents take to settle?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Truck accidents |

A truck crash could result in massive injuries among several victims. Commercial trucks have enough mass to inflict enormous damage when involved in an accident on Florida roads, and victims will likely require significant compensation to cover their losses. An insurance claim is one route to pursue, although a lawsuit may be inevitable, as well. The time needed to close a case after a truck accident may be longer than someone prefers, but truck collision claims are often complex to settle.

Truck accidents have added concerns

A commercial truck’s size and weight may lead it to inflict more damage than a smaller car. Truck accidents could result in multicar pileups, leading to many people filing claims for injuries and property damage. After suffering severe injuries, it may take time before the victim recovers enough to move forward with the claim.

Expect the insurance companies to review as much evidence as possible, considering the potentially substantial settlements they might make. The insurance companies might try to negotiate in their favor to lower losses, adding more time to the process.

Seeking compensation for a truck collision

A lengthy investigation process may work to determine who was at fault when examining motor vehicle accidents. A truck driver might only be partially responsible for the collision, as an employer or third party could share the blame. Seeking compensation from all responsible parties may become necessary due to the extent of all losses.

If an uninsured driver played a role in the collision, filing an uninsured motorist claim could become necessary. Ultimately, each truck collision has its unique elements, and timeframes to reach an agreeable settlement may vary.