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5 reasons an auto insurance company might deny your claim after a car accident

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Car Accidents |

After getting seriously hurt in a car accident with a dangerous driver, you need to focus on healing from your injuries and getting things like your medical care, damage to your vehicle and lost wages paid for. The last thing you need is a fight with the other driver’s auto insurance provider.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in and around Ocala experience problems dealing with the insurance company. These companies are in business to make maximum profits, not to help people in financial trouble due to one of their clients’ negligence. Making money is their right, but it often causes insurers not to play fair when someone makes a valid claim for compensation.

Denial reasons you might receive

Legitimately or not, here are five reasons a car insurance company might give for denying your claim after a crash.

  • The insurance adjuster believes you are at fault for the accident
  • Your injuries were preexisting before the crash, or you are exaggerating their severity
  • The collision was caused by something excluded from the policy, such as an “act of God”
  • The client’s policy had lapsed from lack of payment of premiums
  • The claim came too late under the policy’s time limit

You do not have to accept a denied claim. You have the right to appeal, whether the insurance company legitimately believes it does not have to pay or it acted in bad faith. This is a complicated process but done the right way, it can relieve you and your family of the financial burden that a serious auto accident injury causes.